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At Table du Sud we not only enjoy selling and making our furniture for you, but we are also in love with the furniture ourselves. Discover Camilla's favourite Table du Sud products.

For each person there's a different suitable type of furniture, because nobody is the same! We are happy to show you which pieces we enjoy at our homes.


Marketing manager

The space of my kitchen/living room is quite rectangular, so I was looking for a table that could break these straight lines a bit. Because of that I ended up with a round table! I think my interior style can be characterized as timeless, minimal, with earthy tones. The combination of the color black, lived oak and the sleek Qone base fits perfectly this style. ⠀ ⁠⠀

The Mood chairs are really comfortable. They ara available in in different variantions, but I thought this one with the narrow legs was very nice and subtle.

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