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With an organic coffee table, you take a leap into the deep that pays off. Choose a striking design and give your living room the boost it deserves. Are you in need of something new, or is a move on the agenda, prompting you to redecorate your living room? Look no further! On this page, we have gathered all the information about our organic coffee table for you.

What is an organic coffee table?
With an organic shape, a natural form is meant. Here, we are not referring to popular shapes such as the rectangle and the circle, but rather to striking shapes that deviate and have a distinct appearance. Water droplets and clouds are good examples of organic forms that can also serve as the basis for a coffee table. Therefore, an organic coffee table is a table with a tabletop in an organic shape.

Coffee table with an organic shape: these are the options
We make our coffee tables ourselves in our own workshop in Heeze, in the province of North Brabant. This means that we have the freedom to experiment with new designs, materials, and dimensions. The best shapes and designs are ultimately used to create new coffee tables. So far, three organic shapes have emerged.

The pebble shape is the first organic form we ever worked with. This has resulted not only in pebble-shaped dining tables but also in coffee tables. A beautiful shape that looks different from every angle.

The dollop shape does not immediately reveal what you can expect from its name. It is a variation on a cloud that, in our opinion, is perfectly suitable as the basis for a beautiful coffee table. Currently, the dollop shape is available in concrete. If you are fond of this shape, also check out our dollop oak dining tables.

The abu shape is very similar to dollop but has its own additional details. Also available in concrete at the moment. Check out our abu oak dining tables for inspiration as well.

Organic coffee table customization
For customizing an organic coffee table, you don't necessarily have to travel to one of our showrooms. Click on the page of your chosen coffee table and select 'customize yourself' to explore the options. These options vary depending on the material. You determine the dimensions, color, and finish of your new furniture.

Viewing Organic Coffee Tables
In our showrooms, you'll find a large part of our selection. Get acquainted with different shapes, materials, and colors to get a good idea of what is possible. While it's not possible to display all variants of our coffee tables, we have managed to provide you with a good indication of our possibilities. Our experts are available to provide advice and show samples of our materials. So, come visit us in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Heeze or Deventer. If you're looking to purchase multiple pieces of furniture, a showroom appointment might be a good option for you. We'll take the time for you. Tip: if an organic coffee table isn't your style, check out our other coffee tables.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Organic Coffee Tables


What is the cost of an organic coffee table?

The price is determined by the choices you make, such as the size of your table. During customization, you'll immediately see how your preferences affect the price.


Do you make the organic coffee tables yourselves?

Indeed, we do. This happens in our state-of-the-art workshop in Heeze. Want to know more? Read our frequently asked questions about the workshop.


What is the delivery time for an organic coffee table?

You can find the delivery time on the page of your coffee table. These are real-time delivery times that are updated immediately if the situation changes.


What are the delivery costs of an organic coffee table?

We provide free delivery on the ground floor. If you want more information about delivery on a different floor or, for example, using a moving lift, check out our delivery page for additional details.


Can I modify my order later?

We work without stock and specifically tailor each order for you. Therefore, it's not possible to later modify the details of your purchase.


Do you sell other shapes as well?

Certainly. Check out our coffee tables.


Do I get a warranty on an organic coffee table?

Yes, all Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. The only exceptions are Second Chance items and showroom models. More information can be found on our warranty page.


How do I customize an organic coffee table myself?

Click on the page of your coffee table, select 'customize yourself,' and explore all the options.


How do I maintain my organic coffee table?

We have maintenance products for all materials.


Can I see organic coffee tables in person?

Visit our showrooms to see a large part of our selection.

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