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Lifestyle fashion from the north

Scandinavia is as hip as can be. We read thrillers from the North, book trips to Sweden or Norway and enjoy Scandinavian TV series. And we also copy their clean living trends! At Table du Sud we keep a close eye on lifestyle trends, so you will find that we have the most beautiful Scandinavian dining tables as well.

Simplicity & purity

Slender legs? Simplicity? Purity? Check, check, double check! These are timeless tables you'll enjoy for years. Table du Sud has beautiful Scandinavian dining tables available in every size, up to 270 centimetres. The tabletop: 4 centimetres of solid oak.

Timeless favourite

Because of their simple, slender and pure appearance, these tables fit in well with all kinds of interior styles. They are timeless tables, tables that will give you years of pleasure. These beautiful Scandinavian dining tables from Table du Sud are available in any size up to 270 centimetres and use 4 centimetres thick solid French oak.

Take a look at our oval tables, also very nice in the Scandinavian style.


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