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The road to your dream furniture

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Free product advice

Suitable for: advice about a piece of furniture. For example, a new dining table.

Are you charmed by a specific piece of furniture? During a product advice we look at which options suit you best. We make the furniture almost come to life by discussing all the possibilities. From the perfect color to the best material in the right color. Our experts are happy to help you!

This is what you can expect from our product advice:

  • Get to know our materials, sizes and compositions.
  • Discover all fabric and wood samples.
  • Child-friendly, pet-proof, chic or casual? Together we look at all options.
  • Benefit from our useful maintenance tips
  • Calmly and with a nice cup of coffee, we look for perfection without haste.
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Free interior advice

Suitable for: advice about your new interior. For example, a new sofa, coffee table and a rug.

Looking for something completely new? Our experts will do everything they can to make your new interior a great success. We take the time for you one-on-one. Together we discuss different furniture, materials and colors. 

This is what you can expect from our interior design advice:

  • We look for the perfect sizes, materials and compositions of the furniture.
  • We discuss all options with you so that you know exactly what is possible.
  • In the meantime, we share our useful maintenance tips with you.
  • We take plenty of time for you: haste is rarely good
  • A floor plan with the furniture will be made for you so that you get a good idea of your possible new interior.

More information

Eigen productie

Met respect voor onze werkplaats, teams, leverancies en het milieu.


Een echt Nederlands bedrijf, gevestigd in het Brabantse Heeze

Kwaliteit zonder tussenhandel

De hoogste kwaliteit voor een toegankelijke prijs.


Een klantervaring zoals nergens anders. Innovatief en fris.

Our doors are always open, even if you don't have an appointment. Come along and have a look at our furniture. Coffee is ready and waiting! You will find us in:

Furniture store Utrecht

This is a stunner of a showroom with no less than 2000 m2 of furniture. Our experts walk around here 7 days a week to introduce you to all the designs, materials and colours. It is located in The Wall, on the A2 motorway. This showroom is very easy to reach and has ample parking space. Want to know more? Find all the information you need about furniture store Utrecht here. 

Furniture store Rotterdam

At the end of 2023, we opened our doors in Rotterdam. Here you will find 1700 m2 of living inspiration and therefore always furniture that meets your requirements and taste. Good to know: this showroom is open until 8 pm every Friday! Want to know more? On the page about furniture store Rotterdam we have listed everything for you.

Besides two large showrooms, we also have two cosier showrooms with all the advantages. You are welcome here for inspiration, the most diverse furniture and coffee!

Furniture store Heeze

You don't get any closer to the core of Table du Sud. This brand-new showroom is just a few kilometres away from where the first Table du Sud furniture was once brought to life by the Antonissen brothers. Fun fact: this showroom is literally adjacent to our workshop. During your tour of the furniture, you can see our craftsmen rolling up their sleeves in the background. On the furniture store Heeze page, you will find more information about this place under the smoke of Eindhoven.

Furniture store Deventer

This cosy showroom can be found in the heart of Deventer. This is typically one of those walk-in showrooms where you can learn about the latest trends and fabrics in just a few minutes. See the furniture store Deventer page for more information.

Frequently asked questions about our product advice


How much does product advice cost?

The advice we give is free


Where can I make an appointment?

Use the button on this page.


Do I need to make an appointment?

No, our showrooms can always be visited without an appointment. With an appointment you can be sure that we can take all the time for you.

Frequently asked questions about our interior advice


How much does 2D interior advice cost?

The advice is completely free


What is the difference between product advice and interior design advice?

When providing product advice, we focus on one specific piece of furniture, such as a new dining table. During interior design advice, we discuss, for example, furnishing the living room or dining room.


Can I walk in without an appointment?

Yes. You are always welcome in one of our showrooms. We advise you to make an appointment for extensive interior design advice.


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