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Handmade in our own workshop. That goes for all our tables. Table du Sud only offers high-quality custom tables.

Table tops: your personal touch
At Table du Sud you have the option of combining different table tops and frames. Give a personal touch to your table. Table du Sud offers tabletops in all kinds of shapes and sizes. For example, opt for a robust appearance and go for a tabletop with a thickness of four or five centimeters. There is also a lot to choose from in terms of tabletop length. Go for a compact table of 1.80 meters or for a larger one of 4 meters that every visitor can easily sit at.

The frame: tough, chic, rural…
If you have chosen your own tabletop, you'll also want to choose your matching frame. For example, go for sturdy legs made of black metal or opt for a chic look with a flat oval frame made of stainless steel.

More than just dining tables
Our product range extends far beyond dining tables. You will also find custom side tables, coffee tables, bar tables and garden tables in our range. Take a look and discover the possibilities!

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