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Semicircle is one of many shapes we’re able to make for you in our own workshop in Heeze. With a semicircle dining table, you bring an original shape into your home that combines functionality with a beautiful design. Are you curious about what a semicircle dining table is exactly, or would you like to know what options are available? Then you've come to the right place! On this page we have listed all relevant information about this very special shape.

What is a semicircle?

The semicircle falls under the category of oval tables, but in reality, a semicircle table is situated right between oval and rectangular. The long sides of this table are straight, just like a rectangular dining table. The semicircle refers to the ends of the table that are shaped, yes, like a semicircle!

When you’re determining the length of your new acquisition, it’s smart to keep a close eye on how your size affects the appearance of the table. Basically, the width of your table is also the diameter of the semicircle. A table with a length of 2.80 m has a straight side of 1.90 m. The remaining (2x) 45 cm are occupied by the semicircles at the end.

Semicircle in different materials

We make all the dining tables by ourselves in our own workshop. We do this in Heeze (in Brabant), where one of our showrooms is also located. The advantage of having our own workshop is that we can work out the designs ourselves, which we can then offer in the showroom. The semicircle dining tables, for example, are available in many different materials. We have listed them for you below.


The material we love to work with. Our high-quality and impressive French oak is perfect for making solid tabletops that you can enjoy for years to come. Would you like to know more? Read all about our oak wood and take a look at our semicircle oval oak tables. Tip: after you have selected an oval table during your composition, you can opt for the semicircle shape.


Are you looking for a type of wood with a naturally warm and cosy appearance? Then our walnut might be your match. Read all about walnut here and discover our semicircle walnut tables. 


Ceramics has the appearance of classic marble, but scores slightly higher in terms of user-friendliness. This makes it easier to clean ceramics. Are you curious about the differences between ceramics and marble? Read all about this material and immediately take a look at the semicircle dining tables.


Marble has been a regular customer in our homes for centuries and that certainly isn’t going to change in the coming years. Go for classic luxury with marble. Oh! And did you know that we don't only sell classic marble, but also other darker colours? Definitely worth considering! We have collected all the marble tables for you. 


Herringbone is very popular as a pattern for floors, but did you know that this motif is also very suitable for tables? Check out our herringbone dining tables and discover all the possibilities. Would you like to know more? Then read all about herringbone.


Fenix ​​is ​​a thin sheet material with a nano-tech coating. This sheet material is made of paper (more than 60%) and thermosetting resin. The outer surface is treated with a new generation acrylic resin, which is hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process. Pretty technical talk, but the result is a surface with an exceptionally matt and soft structure and a material that lends itself perfectly to making dining tables. Take a look at our oval Fenix tables.


The size of your new table is perhaps the most important detail you should determine before buying your table online or ordering one in our showroom. As you have read, we have our own workshop, which means we have a lot of freedom when it comes to manufacturing our tabletops. In terms of dimensions, this basically means there’s a ton of possibilities.

When you order a dining table online, you’ll see several options when it comes to dimensions. This gives you a great opportunity to have your new acquisition match the room in which you’re going to place it. Do you find it difficult to determine the exact size of your table? Then you could take the number of dining chairs at the table as the basis of your search. Also read our blog about the number of chairs at the table for extra help with determining the sizes. Good to know: a dining chair with armrests takes up more space than a chair without armrests.

Frames for a semicircle dining table

Our dining tables consist of two parts: the tabletop and the frame. In your search for a new semicircle dining table, chances are that you mainly focus on the tabletop. You probably do so because the colour of the top will be dominant in your kitchen/dining room–and because there’s so much to choose from at Table du Sud! However, it’s also smart to invest some time in picking a fitting frame.

Did you know that we also make the frames ourselves? We do this in the same workshop where we make our tabletops. Here, we have all the freedom to develop new ideas in order to increase our range. Almost all our manufactured frames can be linked to a tabletop, leading to many interesting combinations. Still unsure about some of the frames? Then read our blog with 5 tips for choosing a frame. Maybe it will help you cut this cord. Tip: we also sell separate frames

Other oval shapes

Oval is completely hip & happening. That's why we like to experiment with different shapes that all fall under the umbrella of oval. Of course, you have come to the right place for standard oval dining tables. But did you know that Danish oval is also becoming more and more popular? We came up with this shape in our own workshop and it has now grown into one of the most popular shapes. 

When composing your dining table online, you can choose from no fewer than four different shapes. These are: standard oval, Danish oval, semi-oval and semicircle.


When looking for a new table, it’s nice if you know exactly what’s for sale. We also like to inspire you with ideas and living styles. We have listed the most popular living styles for you. Perhaps you’re planning to realise a complete makeover at home or you’re planning to move. Then this is the time to switch your living style. How about industrial or rural, for example? Discover all the flavours and adjust your interior accordingly.

Frequently asked questions about our semicircle dining tables


How much does a semicircle dining table cost?

We deliver custom work from our own workshop. You let us know your wishes and we’ll get to work. When composing your new dining table online, you can immediately see how your preferences affect the price.


What is the delivery time of a semicircle dining table?

This depends entirely on the current demand. You’ll find the current delivery time on the page of your respective table. That way you won’t ever be faced with any surprises.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery is free on the ground floor if your order value exceeds € 250. Would you like to know more about, for example, delivery to another floor or any additional costs? Then read our page about delivery.


Do I have to make a down payment?

There’s no down payment required if you buy a dining table in one of our showrooms. For online purchases, we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.


Can I see the table in person?

In our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht, and Deventer you’ll find a nice part of our offer. Please contact us if you want to be sure whether a certain piece of furniture can be found in a showroom. You don’t need to make an appointment to visit our showrooms.


Do you also provide personal advice?

Yes, of course! Our experienced showroom employees are ready to help you with colour samples and all possible fabrics. You can make an appointment yourself for suitable 2D interior advice.


Do you also sell matching furniture and accessories?

Yes, of course! For example, check out our dining chairs, dining sofas and rugs.


How long do I have a warranty on my dining table?

The following applies to most furniture: 12 months warranty. Exceptions to this are, for example, showroom models. Want to know more? Then please read our page about warranty.


Do I have to assemble my table myself?

No. This is part of our service. We deliver the dining table on the ground floor and assemble the table for you. This gives you the option of choosing the location of the frame.


Do you also have colour samples?

Yes! This way you can check which wood colour suits you best from the comfort of your own home. Check out our colour sample set. You can also order colour samples.

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