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We understand that you don’t buy a new corner sofa overnight. That’s why we’re happy to help you compose your new corner sofa. Read on and discover all the ins & outs of everything we have to offer.


A black corner sofa? Another colour?


The colour of your new corner sofa is very important. Perhaps you’re already 100% sure that you want to go for a black or blue one. Still, it is smart to orient yourself well when it comes to colour. For example, black and blue are popular colours at the moment, but do they really fit in your interior? And don’t forget there are different variants of black and blue available!


Determining the colour is one of the steps you have to take during the composition of a corner sofa at Table du Sud. The pictures of the corner sofas should give a good indication of what’s possible, but don’t think the sofa in question is only for sale in that variant. Open the wonderful world of colours and discover more than ten different ones.


When choosing the colour, always consider the rest of the interior. Match your new corner sofa with the coffee table, rug, and the rest of the living room for the best results. Oh! Also don't forget the light. An apparently dark sofa can look a lot lighter under the influence of a lot of sunlight. Do you like to kill two birds with one stone? Then take a look at our coffee tables and make your move.


Types of corner sofa


You’ll find a ton of options in the world of corner sofas. At Table du Sud we have a great offer of modular corner sofas you can compose all by yourself. Before you hit the nail on the head, it's nice to know exactly what’s there to choose from. We have listed a few types of corner sofas for you below.


Classic corner sofa


The classic corner sofa comes with two equally long seating areas and a corner. This remains a popular variant because of its efficiency!


Lounge sofa


The chaise longue forms the corner of this lovely sofa where you can relax to your heart's content.




Looking for a large sofa for the whole family? Then a U-sofa is the perfect choice. The two corners ensure plenty of sitting space!


What fabric fits your corner sofa?


There’s an incredible amount of choice in terms of fabrics. Do you opt for an ultra-soft sofa or do you prefer something a bit coarser? Fabrics come in different compositions and they all have their own feeling. Take a look at the pictures for an indication of the fabric. Want to get a feel for the fabric in real life? Then visit one of our showrooms in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (on the A2) or Deventer. At those places you’ll find a selection of our range as well as samples of the fabrics. Tip: did you know we have colour samples? With our materials chart you can get a handy overview of all the options from the comfort of your own home. Compare the colours with the rest of your interior and really feel the difference between the fabrics.


Leather corner sofas


Easy to clean and maintain as well as sporting a beautiful appearance: a leather corner sofa has it all. Especially in the case of children and/or pets, a leather corner sofa may be the right choice for you. A spot or a stain here and there doesn't matter. Your sofa will be completely clean again in no time.


But that’s not only the reason to opt for a leather variant. Our quality leather lasts extremely long and with good maintenance you’ll keep the original look. To further help you, we have listed all the information about our leather sofas below.




You can compose a corner sofa completely by yourself, which also applies to the dimensions of your new purchase. The biggest advantage of this is that you can perfectly tune your acquisition to the space of your living room. This makes it easier to deal with the space more efficiently, so that the corner sofa nestles itself, as it were, into your room. When composing your sofa, you don’t simply opt for a 2- or 3-seater, you opt for the total picture.


We have a few tips for you to determine the right size. First of all, it might be smart to get started with a tape measure at home. What’s the length and width of your ideal sofa? If you have trouble determining the size, it’s also smart to consider how many people will regularly attend your living room. This way you don't always have to add chairs when it gets cosy! The depth of the couch is also something to think about. For example, do you always feel like being able to touch the ground, or do you prefer a deep sofa where that isn’t necessary? Once you have formed the total picture, you can start with composing your new corner sofa!


Frequently asked questions about our corner sofas



What is the delivery time of a corner sofa?

This differs per sofa. You’ll find the most current delivery time on the sofa's page.


I found a nice corner sofa. Is it also available in another colour?

Of course. The pictures are only there to give an indication. The corner sofa is available in many different colours and fabrics, you can fully tailor it to your own wishes.


What are the delivery costs of a corner sofa?

Any orders above €250,- are delivered on the ground floor for free. We have listed all possible costs for you on the delivery page.


Can I see the corner sofa in person first?

You will find a selection of our range in our showrooms in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (on the A2) and Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do you also sell matching coffee tables?

Yes. With us you have also come to the right place for coffee tables and, for example, also for relaxing armchairs.


Do you also sell leather corner sofas?

Of course! The pictures of the corner sofas only give an indication of what’s possible. All corner sofas that we sell are also available in leather versions.


Do I have to make a down payment?

We ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase price


Can I still adjust the specifications of my corner sofa after ordering?

This isn’t possible. We ask you to contact us as soon as possible if this occurs.


Do I get a warranty on my corner sofa?

All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Read all about warranty here.

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