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Design, innovatie en vakmanschap

We love what we do. Dat houdt ook in dat we graag leren en onszelf blijven ontwikkelen, dat we innoveren en ontdekken.

We werken hiervoor samen met proffesionals die, net als wij, een hunger hebben naar innovatie, design en écht vakmanschap.

We take a seat at the "table" to discuss innovations, catchy perspectives and design problems and work them out in an effective design. After the sketches and technical files have been made, a first prototype is developed. And before you know it, the new table can be admired in one of our showrooms. We call this ultimate craftsmanship.


Where expertise, design and innovation come together.

We make the majority of our furniture in our own workshop in Heeze, especially for you. You can put together your furniture from head to toe so that it really suits you. Read on and discover how it's made.

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"Continuing to challenge each other with new ideas and solutions and it becomes a succes is the most motivating thing there is."

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Co-founder Table du Sud