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Enjoy the benefits of a square table

Do you have a big room and can't figure out what kind of table is best here? Then take a look at a square table. There's enough room for everyone, because it can accommodate four or eight people. For a seat you need to allow about 70 centimetres, so if you choose a table of 150x150 centimetres, you already have room for eight. Increase the fun by having a dining bench along one of the sides, also available from Table du Sud.

Choices, choices, choices

As you've come to expect from us, the choice is yours. We make whatever you have in mind. We supply the tables in sizes from 100x100 centimetres to 180x180 centimetres. The tabletop thickness is normally 4, 5 or 6 centimetres of solid oak. You can also choose your ideal height (recommended height: 76 centimetres, measured to the upper side of the tabletop) and see which type of oak appeals more to your senses. Just choose the right colour lacquer and your dream table is ready.

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