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Are you looking for a new rug to complete your living or dining room? Table du Sud is the right choice! Not only do we sell beautiful dining tables, we also sell rugs made of different materials and in various colours and shapes. Become inspired and choose the rug that suits you!


Round rug… or something else?


The shape is a crucial factor when you’re looking for a new rug. Round rugs are and remain very popular, but how about a rectangular rug, for example? Our rugs are available in different shapes. Looking at the dimensions you can see exactly what’s possible and of course you have also come to the right place for better customisation. So don't be alarmed if you only see rectangular dimensions when ordering. It is often possible to make a round rug. In short, would you rather have a different size or shape than the options we offer you? Please contact us so we can see what’s possible!




After you've determined the shape, it's time for the size. The size is very important if you really want to enjoy your new rug. The balance within a space is crucial here. For example, are you planning to place a rectangular rug in front of your 2-seater sofa? Then it can be nice to let the rug stick out slightly on both sides.


The combination of the different furniture within your space creates a beautiful style. So it’s important to also keep a close eye on the shapes of other furniture. For example, a round rug fits well under a round coffee table. Tip: get started at home with a roll of tape and tape measure and stick your desired shape on the floor. This way you discover the size of your ideal rug.




Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when considering a new rug: the colour. Choosing the right colour is not as easy as it seems, but with a few handy tips you can ensure that you’re not faced with any surprises after your purchase. For example, are you planning on buying a grey rug? Then you’ll soon find out that there are maaaany shades of grey. Grey that leans more towards a black carpet, or a lighter grey that resembles white.


But how do you choose the right colour? Start with the rest of your space first. Make sure your new rug matches the rest in style and you have already overcome the first hurdle! The colours of the rest of the interior also play a major role. Do those colours reappear in your new rug, or do you opt for a slightly different colour to increase the palette of the room? The choice is yours! Tip: try to take the incidence of light into account as much as possible. Light does a lot with colours. For example, a grey carpet in a lot of sunlight can tend to white, while the same carpet will look much darker under moderate artificial light in the hallway.


Custom rug


Table du Sud is of course known for customisation and that is no different in the rug department. Above you have already read that you can compose your own rug. In practice this is very easy to do, just find your favourite rug in our range and go to town. On the page that opens, you can immediately see which dimensions are available. You can therefore match it to your taste or deviate from it. In that case, please give us a heads up. After you have selected the size, you’ll be given the option to choose your colour. When ordering, you can immediately see what influence your choices have on the price. That way you won't be faced with surprises.


Benefits of a rug


Perhaps you are still unsure whether a rug is the right choice for you. Buying a beautiful rug comes with many advantages. For example, a rug literally provides warmth (and not only in terms of appearance). This is especially nice in the living room during the coldest months of the year.


Another nice advantage is that a rug connects. When you place different pieces of furniture together on your rug, that new piece of textile helps shape the ultimate connection.


And how about a damping sound? A rug also brings peace of mind. Also ideal if you have children who can play on it without making a lot of noise.


Complete your space


At Table du Sud you’ll find dining tables in all shapes and sizes. Our specialty remains the bar table, but that's not all. With us you’ll find everything to complete your living or dining room. For example, combine the purchase of your new rug with a new coffee table, side table or sofa. This way you kill several birds with one stone and shop that new look together in one go!




Not sure where to start and not quite sure what your new space should look like? No worries! We like to inspire you. For example, take a look at all the different living styles. A style can be a nice foundation to start with. Is your taste more of an industrial one or are you fonder of rural styles? And how about Japandi? A new living style that’s certainly worth considering. Check them out at your leisure and you might discover a new style that suits you perfectly.


Frequently asked questions about our rugs


How much does a rug cost?

The choices you make determine the price. For example, consider the size of your rug. After you make a choice, you immediately see how this affects the price. That way you will never be faced with surprises.


How can I best maintain my rug?

We sell maintenance products that ensure that your rug remains in top condition.


Which shape suits me best?

It is smart to coordinate the shape of your new rug with the rest of your interior. This way you ensure that the balance remains well-established and that the rug matches with the rest.


Which size should I choose?

Try to make sure the size fits with the rest of your interior. For example, consider a round coffee table and a round rug. And are you planning to place part of your sofa on your rug? Then choose a rug that is large enough.


Can I see the rugs in person first?

You will find part of our range in our showrooms. Come and visit us in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (right on the A2) or Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do I get a warranty on my rug?

You get a 12-month warranty. Want to know more? Read all about warranty here.


What is the difference between a high-pile and low-pile rug?

If you're looking for a new rug, chances are you'll come across these terms from time to time. High-pile rugs are rugs in which the piles (the threads) of textile are slightly higher. So your feet will sink a little further here when you step on it. Short-pile rugs are therefore a bit 'harder', as the piles are shorter.


Which colour should I choose?

The colour also has to match with the rest of the interior. Also take the incidence of light into account.


Can I still change my preferences after I have ordered?

After your order we get to work for you. So you can't change anything anymore. Please contact us as soon as possible if this happens.

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