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Modern dining tables



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Sleek design

A home characterised by a modern living style is known for a minimalist look, one with clean lines. You could almost say that there is an artistic vibe present. This is translated into the furniture. The furniture has sleek and/or smooth lines, alternating between eye-catchers and subtle designs.

Modern tables

At Table du Sud you will find modern tables in addition to industrial, rural and Scandinavian tables. Just like modern interiors, a modern table is characterised by clean lines and a subtle choice of materials. Fenix tables fit in perfectly with this! The material is matte, sleek and wafer-thin; as much as 12 mm!

Subtle frames

A modern tabletop naturally needs a matching frame. Our modern tables are therefore outfitted with appropriate subtle frames to complete the picture. It is super nice to powder coat these frames, which gives the table an extra modern look.


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