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Table du Sud is also the place to be for custom oak oval conference tables. Are you planning to furnish an office building, do you want to brighten up a meeting room with a qualitatively impressive conference table, or are you curious about what we can do for you when it comes to conference tables? Then you're right where you need to be! On this page we have collected all information about our conference tables.

Choose from different sizes
When furnishing an office, a meeting room or a daily consultancy room for you and your team, the ideal furniture size can be quite narrow. The goal is to use the available metres as efficiently as possible. We make our conference tables ourselves, which means we have no issues making a conference table with specific dimensions.

In practice, this means that we have more than ten combinations of sizes that you can choose from. Are you looking for a relatively small table? Then go for 3 by 1.30 metres. The larger variants go up to 4.20 by 1.50 metres; seating a lot of people! Tip: do you have trouble determining the size? Then start with the number of seats. The space required for a seat is approximately 70 cm. Naturally, a chair with a backrest takes up more space than a chair without one.

Oval conference tables
In our opinion, the oval shape is perfect for a large conference table. As mentioned, we make all tables by ourselves. In the course of time, we have also managed to develop the Danish oval shape. With Danish oval, you get an extra full-fledged seat at both head sides, as these are straighter than with classic oval. Would you like to know? Then take a look at our blog about the oval shapes. Here you’ll find useful tips and relevant information.

We love working with oak wood. Did you know that we have three types for you to choose from? For fans of the natural look, we have lived oak. Lived oak means we leave the knots and cracks be. For refined oak we use special, sleek planks that ensure a smooth whole. New oak is right in the middle, a golden mean. Think of tabletops with cracks and knots but filled with a special resin. Want to know more? Read all about our oak wood here.

Large tabletops do weigh a bit, of course, and a robust and sturdy frame is needed to offer sufficient support. That’s why we have selected four frame-candidates for our line of conference tables. These are frames we feel comfortable with to support large office tables.  

We have something for everyone when it comes to the frames. Do you have a lot of clean, straight lines in your office? Then go for the Louise frame. This frame consists of two U-shapes placed at right angles to each other, intersecting beneath the centre of the table. Or are you a fan of the X-shape? Then we have the XX-oak frame for you, which really allows you to go for a complete wood look. Finally, we also have the W-frame and the Eqone. The Eqone is an oval tube narrower just below the tabletop than on the floor, which means it flares out nicely. A real eye-catcher!

Colours and finish 
You probably already have a specific conference table in mind since you started orienting, and there’s a good chance that this tabletop comes with a straight edge in a typical wood colour. But did you know about all the other choices you have? We have more than ten available colours, ensuring there’s always an option that perfectly matches the rest of the interior. In addition, we have different ways in which we can finish the edges. You will automatically discover those while you’re composing your conference table.

Built-in units
Already know exactly what you’re going to use the new conference table for, and can you already see the benefit of one or more built-in units? Then you should know that you don’t have to fumble around with a saw yourself! Please get in touch with us and together we’ll see about the possibilities and which sizes suit your needs.

Customisation from our own workshop: local production

We’re proud to be able to say that we make our conference tables from head to toe, all from scratch! We do this in Heeze in Brabant, not far from the place where the first Table du Sud table saw the light of day. In our brand-new workshop, we make the tabletops ourselves. Of course, this also applies to the frames. So what about a conference table for 10, 14, or maybe even 20 people? Tip: read the blog about the number of chairs at a table and discover the sizes that suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions about our conference tables


What does a conference table cost?

This depends on your chosen sizes. While composing the table, you immediately see how your choices might affect the price.


Can I buy multiple tables at once?

For sure! We have experience producing large orders for companies. Please contact us if you’d like some more information about production and delivery times.


What is the delivery time of a conference table?

You’ll find the delivery times on the page of your respective table. These delivery times are current and will be adjusted immediately if the situation changes. Are you planning to buy several tables at once? Then please contact us.


Is there a warranty on the tables?

Yes, of course! All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. We have collected all relevant information on the warranty page.


What are the delivery costs of conference tables?

Delivery is always coordinated beforehand. Ground floor delivery is free if your order value exceeds € 250. Would you like to know more about delivery to another floor, or any additional costs? Then take a look at our delivery page.


Do you make the conference tables yourself?

Correct! We do this in Heeze, in Brabant. Our workshop and one of our showrooms can be found here.


Do you also give advice, and can the furniture be viewed in real life?

We do and you can! You’re welcome in one of our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht (largest showroom), and Deventer. Here, our experienced showroom employees are ready to provide you with appropriate advice.


Can my order be adjusted later?

We make the tables ourselves from head to toe, so we only get started when we receive your specifications. That’s why it’s not possible to adjust these preferences at a later stage.

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