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Bar tables in different colours and styles
A robust high-top table finds a perfect home in an industrial style. But that is of course not the only interior style for which we make our bar tables. Be inspired by all the different styles and ensure your new piece of furniture fits perfectly with the rest of the interior. Colour also plays an important role here. This is not only the case for the tabletop, but also for the frame of your new bar table. Do you opt for the steel look, or do you prefer a white or black powder coating? It's all possible at Table du Sud! A wood-look in combination with a white frame is completely different from a black one. In conclusion, choose the perfect colour and be surprised by the result!


Pick your favorite material
A wooden tabletop with the details that make you happy; that is our mission. Did you know that you have several oak tabletop options? Do you like a natural look? Then lived oak is the perfect fit for you. A lived oak top means we leave the knots and cracks in place and provide a brush treatment for a natural effect. Prefer filled knots and cracks? Then choose new oak. Do you want an even tabletop? Then we have refined oak for you.

For fans of natural and robust, we also have special Suar tops. This Indonesian tropical type of wood gives the whole a special look because it is made from a single plank. Every plank is unique and you can choose one yourself, online or in our workshop in Heeze. A tree trunk bar table with barstools, who wouldn't want that


This is how you customise your bar table
As you have read above, Table du Sud offers many options if you are planning to buy a bar table. We are happy to walk you through the ordering process so that you receive the exact high bar table you had in mind and are not faced with any surprises. 


Type of bar table

We have no less than 11 different bar tables for you that you can compose yourself. From classic rectangular bar tables to more striking, original tables. After making this choice, you’ve laid the foundation!



Here too you are in control. Determine the length and width of the tabletop as well as the height of the bar table all by yourself. From a small bar table to a large one that you can sit at with your family or friends: nothing is impossible.


Wood type

Above we have already shown that we have different types of oak in store for you: lived, new and refined.



And then there’s the colour… This largely determines the appearance. Do you dare to go with white, or do you opt for a classic colour such as walnut? There’s also plenty of other colours to choose from! Tip: order colour samples if you want to see the colours in real life at home.


Edge finish

With some tabletops you will find several options in terms of the edge finish. How about a top with subtly rounded corners? Discover the different possibilities.


Frame finish

Although you have already chosen a frame, the finish is important as well. Choose from black, white, or a steel look.


Did you know...

Our 'fairy tale' started with a (seemingly) simple bar table? Teun and Evert Antonissen, the driving forces behind Table du Sud, made their own bar table at the end of 2014 in their parents' garage. Soon they were selling five tables a week via ‘Marktplaats’ and that's how the ball started to roll. We now produce an average of 200 tables per week. Each and every one of them unique, matched with the wishes of our customers. Curious about the full story? Read our story.


Frequently asked questions about our bar tables


What’s the height of your bar tables?

When selecting the dimensions you will find the different heights. This ranges from low dining to relatively high bar tables. So you always have several choices for your bar table to choose from. That’s customisation!


Do you make the bar table yourself?

Of course! The bar tables are made in our own workshop in Heeze. From scratch to your new bar table, we do it all by ourselves.


Do you also sell matching barstools?

Yes we do. Discover the different barstools.


How should I maintain the quality of my bar table?

Good maintenance is important. This way you can really enjoy your new table. We have collected all the information for you on our maintenance page. Tip: we also have maintenance products in store for you.


What is the delivery time of the bar tables?

The average delivery time is 5-7 weeks. Want to know more? On the delivery page we have listed all that’s relevant for you.


Can I also order a separate tabletop or table legs?

Sure. If you wish to, take a look at table tops and table legs.


Can I see the bar tables in real life before buying them online?

In our showroom you will find a selection of our bar tables. Visit us in Heeze, Utrecht or Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for this.

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