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Are you planning to buy a leather sofa? Then you've come to the right place at Table du Sud! Like our dining tables, there’s a ton of possibilities when it comes to composing a leather sofa. On this page, we have listed all relevant information for you. Be inspired and choose a leather sofa that you’ll enjoy for years to come!


Table du Sud leather types


Within the world of leather, you’ll find many different types, all with unique properties. In our range you’ll find several variants of leather so you can match your new sofa to your tastes and the rest of your interior. Below we have listed a few leather types for you. That way you know exactly what to expect.


Toledo leather


This 100% South American coated cowhide ensures you bring pure quality into your home. The painted top layer has the advantage that natural characteristics such as growth marks and scars are virtually invisible. This user-friendly leather is also easy to clean and is known for its constant colour. It’s therefore an excellent choice if you are looking for an even, easy-to-maintain leather type.


Africa leather


Thick cowhide leather from European cows. This leather is barrel dyed through and through and has been lightly sanded, resulting in a beautiful type of leather that emphasizes the colour shades and depth. It’s good to know that Africa leather is a relatively natural type of leather. By that we mean to emphasise that any imperfections such as scars and tick bites are visible. Unlike Toledo leather, this open type of leather is not coated.


Kenya leather


Are keywords such as supple, robust, warm and pure the things you look for in leather? Then Kenya leather might be a good match for you. This leather comes from buffalo hides and is known for its natural colours and appearance. The leather has a slightly abrasive effect and an open structure.


Vintage leather


Vintage leather is partly sanded and comes from either buffalo or cow. The uniqueness of this leather can be found in the wax finish that creates its “used” look. This leather also has an open structure and is therefore more sensitive to external influences.


L60 leather


L60 leather is a combination of 60% leather and 40% fabric. The microfibre layer on the leather ensures this leather is very easy to maintain. It also feels soft and smooth and is fully impregnated. This relatively inexpensive type of leather is very popular and we fully understand why. We’re fans ourselves!


Coated or open leather?


When looking for a new sofa, you’ll probably quickly come across the terms coated and open leather. Above you can read, for example, that Toledo leather is coated. But what does that actually mean and what are the advantages of these two leather variants?


To start with coated leather right away: this is a type of leather in which paint is used, meaning paint coatings are applied to the leather. Next, it is artificial printed to correct any errors. This immediately results in one of the most striking properties of this leather, namely that imperfections are virtually invisible. Its smoothness and the virtual absence of colour differences definitely make this leather unique. Please note: the top layer of this leather can crack over time if you neglect its maintenance.


Open leather is really “open”, allowing liquids to penetrate faster. This gives the leather a lived-in appearance. The natural appearance and the fact it feels warm and soft to the touch are advantages of this type of leather.


Sofa types


In our range, you'll find many sofas in different designs. You can play with the dimensions and that means you basically create your own leather sofa. Whether you are looking for a 2 or 3-seater leather sofa, a U-sofa or a corner sofa: it’s all possible! In fact, there’s probably a lot more possible than you think. Compose your dream sofa at Table du Sud.


Choose your colour


Good to know: the images of our sofas give a good indication of what’s possible, but the picture itself really only shows the tip of the iceberg. You have many different options in terms of size and materials. That also applies to colour. When you think of a leather sofa, you’ll probably think of classic brown leather right away, but that doesn’t mean all our sofas have that colour. Naturally, you can go with brown, but there are a ton of other colours available to enable you to tailor your new sofa entirely to your tastes and interior.


While you’re deciding on a colour it might be smart to think of some determining factors. Consider, for example, the balance in your living room. Make sure your new colour matches well with the rest. In addition, light plays a major role. Is your new sofa set in a room where sunlight has free rein? Or do you have relatively few windows and do you mainly rely on artificial light? Light has a big influence on colour. For example, a dark brown sofa can suddenly look much lighter when it’s lit by a lot of sunlight. Try to take this into account as much as you can.




At Table du Sud you have come to the right place for a varied range of sofas. We like to think along with you when it comes to the type of sofa, the dimensions and the material, but it’s also important to us to see you enjoy your new purchase for years to come. The maintenance of a leather sofa, for example, is very important, especially because it is a natural product. Don’t forget to make time for it every now and then!


We have maintenance products available for all types of leather in our range. This means we don’t just have 1 maintenance package for all leather sofas, but a specific one for L60, sanded leather and so on. You really start to enjoy your sofa if its properly maintained.




Do you still have doubts about a number of sofas? Are you about to move? Or are you thinking of a makeover? In any case, it’s nice to have some extra inspiration at your disposal. For example, take a look at the different living styles that we have listed for you. Do you prefer a rural or industrial style? Discover all styles and who knows, you might find something really nice!


Frequently asked questions about our leather sofas


What does a leather sofa cost?

The price of a sofa depends on many factors. Think of the dimensions, colour and material of the sofa.


Do you also sell leather corner sofas and U-sofas?

Yes, of course. After all, you compose your leather sofa all by yourself. The picture merely gives you an indication of a sofa, but a lot more is possible. You can easily arrive at a leather corner sofa from a pictured 2-seater sofa!


What are the delivery costs of a leather sofa?

If your order exceeds €250, delivery will be free on the ground floor. Please see our delivery page for any possible delivery costs.


What’s the delivery time of a leather sofa?

This differs per sofa. You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your specific sofa. We keep track of this delivery time daily, so the information is always relevant.


Can I still change my wishes after placing the order?

We provide custom work, which means a sofa is made specifically for you. This means it’s impossible to adjust your preferences later on.


Can I see the leather sofas in person first?

In our showrooms you’ll find an extensive selection of our range. You can find us in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (in The Wall on the A2) and Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do you also sell other leather furniture?

Yes, of course! Check out our dining chairs and lounge chairs.


Do I get a warranty on my leather sofa?

That's right! All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Want to know more? Read all about our warranty.


Do I have to make a down payment?

We ask for a small deposit. This comes down to 10% of the purchase amount.

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