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When you mention natural materials, a calm base and modern-classic design, you soon think of Anne Claus interiors.

Anne Claus founded her own interior studio in 2015, called Anne Claus Interiors. Anne has an eye for details and a flawless sense of styling. This ensures that her interiors are all recognizable by their dedication and individuality. Her passion for various periods and styles makes her interiors exciting, not tied to trends and therefore timeless.

“As a young girl, I was always involved with interior design. "Always turning my room and house upside down". Despite this passion at a young age, she first studied law and then worked for a number of years as a sales manager at a new denim brand. Finally, creativity resurfaced. “At that time I used to do styling for friends or decorate their houses, but I never thought: I'm going to be an interior designer. It went organically”.

Anne Claus interiors has meanwhile been responsible for the design of beach pavilion De Republiek in Bloemendaal, Morgan en Mees, Wolf and many more. And trust us, it's all beautiful.

Sense of style and growth

The Table du Sud team had been a fan of the designs and style of Anne Claus interiors for some time, so when the opportunity to collaborate arose, we didn't have to think twice about it. The interiors of Anne Claus interiors are timeless and made with the most beautiful materials. Nét like our tables. Refined colors and various options that match the rest of the interior and the users.

In addition, just like with Anne Claus, the start of Table du Sud was almost just as organic. Based on their own need for a custom bar table, the brothers made a first table, after which more and more were made on request. Ultimately, Table du Sud grew to the size and brand it is today.

To be launched: 14.11.2022 - from the end of november in showrooms

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