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Our oak oval tables are made from solid oak, differing in thickness. After years of round and then rectangular tables, oval tables are now becoming popular. Just a little less rigid and formal than a rectangular table thanks to their rounded corners, which also mean they can seat more people. At Table du Sud you will find a beautiful oval table topped with solid French oak 4 or 5 centimetres thick, one that looks great in any interior. Your choice of finish, frame and dimensions.

Cosy dining

Round and oval dining tables are known for their old-fashioned conviviality. Due to the lack of straight lines, no one sits exactly side by side. That makes it easier to see each other and enjoy a good conversation. Delicious food, an evening drink or a game: an oval dining table makes it even more sociable.

Oval tabletop

At Table du Sud you can combine the tabletop and frame of your choice. A 4, 5 or 6 centimetres thick tabletop is available in the webshop. This gives the table a sturdy, robust look. There are also options regarding the length. The smallest oval table is 1.80 metres long, the maximum length is 400 centimetres. Solid oak 3 metre oval tables can easily weigh over 150 kg.

The frame

Just like the tabletop, the dining table frames are also available in different shapes and sizes. For example, sturdy black metal XX-shaped legs. Or a flat oval leg made of stainless steel, in the same shape as the table. With an oval table, it is very important to think carefully about the frame. How many people usually sit down to eat with you? Do you frequently have unexpected guests? An oval dining table lends itself well to this, but its legs need to be strategically placed. Of course we will be happy to advise you on this.

Oval meeting tables

Our oval tables are also regularly used as meeting room tables. Just like a dining table, they promote good discussions by creating a more relaxed atmosphere. Improving the productivity of the meetings. A popular version for offices is an oval table with XX legs or an oval table with stainless steel XX legs.

Have your oval table made-to-measure

Would you like to have an oval table made-to-measure to make sure it is exactly what you want? In addition to the thickness, you can also determine the size down to the millimetre. We can cut all shapes and sizes for you. For example, you can choose a slightly more pointed tabletop, a top with a nice rounded shape or a faceted edge. Besides oval, we also offer different shapes. These shapes include "half oval", "Danish oval" and the "semi-circle" table. Would you like to order a non-standard size? Please contact us or call into one of our showrooms.

Take a look at our live edge tables, also ideal for your office when a bit less space is available.



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