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Working from home has only gained momentum since the outbreak of COVID. This means that we’re making our home workplace more and more comfortable. Think, for example, of a multifunctional office chair that you can use as a dining chair, but also as a chair that you use for work. On this page we have listed all the relevant information about our office chairs with wheels. Be inspired and go for quality from Table du Sud.


Types of office chairs


The great thing about a multifunctional chair is, of course, that you can use it for multiple purposes. Certainly in the case of a home workplace downstairs, it can be advantageous to have one or more chairs you can use for both work and dining. Our office chairs can be roughly divided into two groups:


Office chair with armrest


Are you looking for a chair with armrests? Then we have some good news! They’re in abundance at Table du Sud. We have various chairs with both steel and wooden frames and in the most diverse designs. With an armrest you also opt for comfort. Tip: Thinking of putting your office chair with armrest at your dining table from time to time? Then you’ll need a little more space than one without armrests.


Office chair without armrest


In addition to office chairs with armrests, we also have beautiful chairs without. Here, too, you’ll find different designs and frames. In short, there’s something for everyone.


Choose your material


We’re happy to provide customisation and leave the details of your new acquisition up to you. When you order an office chair, you can choose from many different materials. These materials are neatly depicted on our website so you can exactly see what’s for sale. Would you like to know more about our materials or really get a feel for the fabrics? Then visit one of our showrooms and be advised by one of our experts. We have colour and material samples in store if you want to see (and feel!) the materials up close.


With or without wheels?


If you’re going to determine the details of your office chair, it’s smart to consider what exactly you’re expecting from your new chair. A classic office chair has wheels, but you may have a set of chairs where a new addition with wheels may feel out of place. In any case, many of our chairs also come outfitted with wheels. Keep this in mind when you buy your chair online. That way you won't be faced with any surprises later on. 


All colours of the rainbow


As you have read above, our chairs are available in the most diverse materials. This also applies to colour. All materials can be matched with all possible colours, resulting in hundreds of possible combinations. This means that there’s always a match available that perfectly fits with your taste and the rest of your interior. You just have to find it! So, how do you actually go about determining the new colour of your office chair?


It’s impossible to be 100% sure of your choice when it comes to the colour. Still, there are a few factors to consider if you want to increase your chance of a direct hit. For example, don’t focus on the chair alone, but also on where you’re going to place the chair. Make sure the colour matches the rest of your interior. Ensure the balance remains optimal.


It’s also smart to keep a close eye on the light. Do you place the chair in a room with many windows and where sunlight has free rein? Then relatively dark colours can appear a lot lighter. It also works the other way around, of course. In a moderately lit room, dark grey can suddenly turn to black.


Frequently asked questions about our office chairs


What’s the delivery time of the office chairs?

Delivery time varies per design. You’ll find the current delivery time on the relevant desk chair page. Tip: we can deliver our mood chairs within 5 working days via Fast Lane.


What are the delivery costs of office chairs?

Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250.-.


Can I see the office chairs in person first?

A part of our range can be found in our showrooms. Drop by in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht or Deventer. Our showroom employees are ready to provide you with appropriate advice. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do you also sell other chairs?

Yes, of course! Check out our dining chairs, relaxing armchairs, bar stools and garden chairs.


What’s the warranty on Table du Sud chairs?

All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Want to know more? Read all about our warranty.


I saw a nice office chair. Do you also sell them in a different colour?

Yes! All our chairs can be ordered in different materials and in all possible colours.

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