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We see more and more organic dining tables in our kitchens and dining rooms. We’re fans at Table du Sud! From time to time, we invent new designs in our own workshop, which we then add to our range. Do you dare take the plunge and opt for something completely different? On this page, we have collected our organic dining tables for you, together with all relevant information.

Dining table organic shape

What actually is an organic shape? Well, organic shapes actually are natural shapes. Think for example of stones, pebbles, water drops, and clouds. You may not immediately expect these shapes in your interior, but we’re convinced they make amazing tabletops. Check out our pebble-shaped dining tables, for example. This is our most popular organic shape, which you can of course match to your own wishes! Would you like to know more? Then read our blog about asymmetrical shapes

Organize an organic dining table

We make our furniture with all the love for you in our own workshop in Heeze, Brabant. Here, we have complete freedom to work with different materials. In fact, we work without stock! This is due to the sheer number of options you have when you start building your table. For example, do you want an oak, concrete, or walnut top? Would you like a steel frame? And should the tabletop be 2 metres in length or a lot more? We have developed a 3D configurator so we can easily present all our options. This allows you to compose your own piece of furniture at your leisure, from the comfort of your own home. The 3D configurator also shows you the end result immediately. Go to the page of your favourite design and click on the 'Compose yourself' button. This allows you to take a look at all our possibilities! Tip: our workshop in Heeze is literally adjacent to the showroom. During your tour of all the furniture, you can see our craftsmen busy with the most diverse furniture in the background! Want to know more? Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our workshop

Materials for our organic dining tables

We have two materials for you if you opt for an organic dining table: oak and Fenix. In the case of oak, you even have a choice of three different types. Are you looking for a sleek tabletop? Then choose refined oak. For fans of natural tabletops, we have created lived oak. This is a type of oak where we leave the knots and small cracks be. New oak is the golden mean. With these tabletops we fill the knots for you.

As far as we are concerned, Fenix is also a mix of only advantages. User-friendly, sleek, available in different colours, and it can take a beating. Fenix has it all. Would you like more information? Then read our pages about Fenix and our oak wood

See organic dining tables

With our 3D configurator you can bring your dream furniture to life from wherever you are. But did you know that we also have three showrooms where you’ll find a large part of our range? Visit Heeze, Utrecht, or Deventer and get to know our materials, designs, and colours. You’ll also find a wonderful selection of sofas, dining chairs, and rugs here. Our experts are ready to help you decide!

Frequently asked questions about our organic dining tables


What does an organic dining table cost?

You compose your table yourself. All specifications together ultimately determine the price. When composing the dining table, you immediately see how your choices might affect the price.


Do you make the organic dining tables all by yourself?

That's right! We do this in our workshop in Heeze. We also make the steel frames here.


What is the delivery time of an organic dining table?

You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your furniture. These delivery times are current and will be immediately adjusted if the situation were to change. That way you always know where you stand.


Do I have to pay delivery costs for my organic dining table?

Ground floor delivery is free of charge if your order value exceeds €250. Would you like to know more about delivery to a different floor or about any additional costs? Then read our page about delivery.


Can I change my order later?

We work without stock, which means we get to work especially for you. That’s why it is not possible to adjust your order later.


Do you also sell other shapes?


Do I get a warranty on an organic dining table?

All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. The only exceptions are Second chance furniture and showroom models.


Do you have new organic designs coming online soon?

We regularly update our offer. Also check out our coffee tables. You’ll often find new designs here, too.


How do I compose an organic dining table myself?

Use the 3D configurator or 2D configurator.

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