Dining room sofas

Wildly popular

They are now a fixture in every restaurant and are also wildly popular in living rooms: dining room benches. Logical really, because dining room benches look good with a rectangular or square dining table and give a kitchen or living room a funlook. Also handy if you want to add an extra guest: plenty of seating space. At Table du Sud you will find a large collection of leather and wooden dining room benches.


Leather dining room bench

Leather dining room benches look very good when combined with Table du Sud wooden dining tables. We don't make the buffalo leather benches ourselves, but select them with care. As you would expect from us: they are available in many different sizes, so there is always one to suit both your dining table and interior. Sizes start from 1.40 metres, the longest bench is 3.00 metres.


Wooden dining room bench

We make the wooden dining room bench you will see in our webshop and showrooms ourselves, so it's a safe bet that it will match your dining tables nicely. As with the tables, the oak dining room bench with a steel frame is very popular. This has something to do with the lived-in look of the wood in combination with the industrial frame: a popular lifestyle trend. We finish the wooden benches with a (matte) lacquer or oil so you get exactly the colour you want.


What do you want?

Do you dream of a dining room bench with no backrest, or with a thick or thin seat? Do you want a table that you can move easily, or do you want something solid and robust? The choice is yours! And you can pick out the frame you like. We weld stainless steel frames for you into a U-shape, X-shape or trapeze-shape. So you get a dining room bench that is exactly what you want, is handmade and unique. Right, you want a matching chair too? We'll make those for you, no problem.


Made-to-measure dining room bench

As always: if you have specific wishes (height, shape, colour) please let us know! We'll be happy to make it for you. For the wooden benches, there are so many possibilities.

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