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Complete your garden with a custom garden table from Table du Sud. It's easy to boost your garden by opting for real customisation from our own workshop, because that’s what you get when you go for Table du Sud. Choose from different materials, colours, and details and let your new addition perfectly match the rest of your garden. Oh, and we have matching chairs for you, too!

Round garden tables
A round table has many advantages. By adjusting the diameter of the tabletop, you can vary between a compact and a larger garden table (for 6 persons, for example). Our ceramic round garden table is a real eye-catcher in our opinion, and also excels in terms of user-friendliness! Are you looking for a small table for 4 people? Then choose a diameter of 110 cm. The maximum size we can make is 158 cm. Looking for a size you can't find in the 2D or 3D builder? Then please get in touch. Because our work is custom, we can take a look at the possibilities together. Tip: read all about ceramics here and discover the advantages of this material.

Oval garden tables
Going for an oval garden table means going for a win-win. Everyone can look at each other at an oval garden table, which creates a cosy atmosphere. These tables are somewhat larger than round tables, which gives you the advantage of accommodating more people. Large oval garden tables for 6 or 8 people are no problem for us. We make them with all the love for you in Heeze, Brabant!

As you know, you opt for customisation at Table du Sud. Did you know that we have no less than four different oval shapes in store for you? In addition to classic oval, we also have Danish oval, for example, which we created in our own workshop. Both of its head sides are straight, so you get access to two extra seats. Ideal for larger families or in cosy gardens! In addition, we also have the semi-oval and semicircle shapes for you. In our blog about the 4 oval shapes, we show you what these different shapes have in store for you.

Wooden garden tables
Not every wood is suitable for a garden table and that’s why we took a good look at what wood type suits our outdoor tables best. In the end we opted for Iroko wood. Iroko wood is an African hardwood that’s naturally very strong and durable. It’s certainly no exception if your garden table lasts more than 25 years!

We’re always transparent about our material and that’s why we would like to indicate that we work with a natural product. That means Iroko wood will warp, just like all other types of wood. As a result, it cannot be ruled out that the wood will deform slightly in extreme weather. So, it’s not ideal to constantly expose the table to the extremes of the Dutch weather. You probably immediately think of snow, rain, and wind, but don't forget the sun! Tip: get a cover sheet to slide over the table when you’re not using it and choose a suitable maintenance product. This way you extend the life of your garden table considerably!

All popular sizes
The size of your table is very important. For example, it’s nice if your garden table fits exactly beneath your canopy, or if the number of chairs you have in mind match perfectly. For example, are you already sure that you want a table of 150 cm or 120 cm, or have you set your eye on a rectangular garden table with a length of 280 cm? No matter the size, we’ll get to work and make it work!  

However, we can also imagine you having difficulty determining the size. If so, it’s smart to start with the number of dining chairs you want to place at the table. The space occupied by a dining chair is approximately 70 cm. Chairs with armrests take up more space than ones without. Tip: read our blog about the number of chairs at the table. Here, you’ll find everything in terms of dimensions and seats.

Black garden table
Did you know that we sell our ceramic tables in three different colours? The darkest colour, Gris du Gent, tends a bit towards black. Would you like your table in an even darker colour? Then take a look at garden table Bastiën, which we can make completely in black for you. Tip: this special table is available in all RAL colours. This gives you the opportunity to match the table with the rest of your taste!

Frequently asked questions about our garden tables


What does a garden table cost?

You’ll find a price indication on the page of your respective table. Your own choices affect the price. Consider, for example, the size, the finish, and other details.


What is the delivery time of a garden table?

You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your table. These delivery times are current and will be immediately adjusted if the situation changes. This way you won’t ever be faced with surprises.


What are the delivery costs of a garden table?

Ground floor delivery is free of charge if your order value exceeds €250. Would you like more information about any additional costs? Then check the delivery page.


I saw a nice table. Do you sell in a different colour and size as well?

We sell customisation, which means a lot is possible. You’ll discover all the options when you’re composing your table. Do you want a different size? Then please get in touch. Together we can look at the possibilities.


Can I see the tables in real life?

You’ll find a mix of our range in our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht, and Deventer. You’ll also find all materials and many different designs and colours here. Our showroom employees are ready to provide appropriate advice. In our showrooms, we also have colour and material samples for you.


Do you also sell other furniture for the garden?

Yes, check our garden chairs.


Can I change my order later?

We make custom work and get to work especially for you. This means we work without stock, which is why it isn’t possible to adjust later.


Do I get a warranty on my garden table?

You do! All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Exceptions are the furniture from the Second Chance and showroom models.


Do you make the tables yourself?

Correct! We do this in Heeze, Brabant, where one of our showrooms is also located.


Do you also provide interior advice?

You’re very welcome in one of our showrooms. We’re happy to give advice here. Would you like us to take extra time for you? Then schedule a consultation yourself.

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