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Herringbone is well known as a beautiful pattern for a wooden floor. A herringbone floor is both stylish and timeless and might even be one of the most famous current interior trends. Now you can also find this beautiful herringbone pattern as a tabletop at Table du Sud.

Herringbone Elegance

Het chique broertje van onze reguliere visgraat tafels: visgraat Elegance!

Bij de reguliere visgraat tafels bevatten de tafels een houten of metalen omlijsting. De Elegance visgraat tafels worden echter standaard met een facetrand afgewerkt waardoor ze een subtielere uitsltraling hebben. Doordat het tafelblad dunner oogt zijn ze perfect te combineren met een van onze slanke onderstellen.  

The chic little brother of the regular herringbone table: herringbone Elegance!

With the regular herringbone tables, the tabletops are equipped with wooden or metal frame. However, the Elegance herringbone tables are by default finished with a facet edge, giving them a more subtle appearance. Because the tabletop looks thinner this way, these tables can be perfectly combined with one of our slimer frames.

Designer frames

A subtle tabletop needs a slim, matching frame, and we have a number of those! Opt for the Marly with narrow tubes, or the Eqone, whose simplicity makes it so lovably chic. The frames are powder-coated in black to complete the modern look.


Those who like industrial do not usually like mass production. Our oak tables are all handcrafted in our own workshop in Heeze. We shave beautiful tabletops from rough beams and weld the metal frames ourselves. This creates unique items that you will not find anywhere else. Want to see our tables in real life? Come visit one of our showrooms in Nieuwkoop or Heeze. You can even look into the workshop at the showroom in Heeze!

On our inspiration page you will find more information about styles, maintenance and how, for example, a herringbone table is made.

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