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Buying an oak coffee table? Come to Table du Sud!
When buying a new oak coffee table, of course you want to make sure it fits your living style perfectly and meets all your needs. At Table du Sud, we understand this and pride ourselves on having oak coffee tables to suit every living style. Whether you have a modern, country or industrial interior, there is always an oak coffee table that perfectly suits your taste. In addition, you can combine your new oak coffee table with a comfortable sofa, a stylish lounge chairor a matching rug to complete your living room.

Wide range of oak coffee tables
Meanwhile, we have expanded our range of oak coffee tables considerably. That means you can choose from different shapes such as round, oval and organic, as well as an incredible range of sizes, colours and finishes. Moreover, we offer sets of oak coffee tables, allowing you to create versatile furnishings. In short, there is always an option to suit you, because with our extensive collection, you are guaranteed to find the perfect oak coffee table for your living room. Want to know more about the advantages of oak? Then check out our page on oak.

3D oak coffee table
Would you like to quietly play with all the options on the couch to create the perfect oak coffee table? You can! We have developed a handy 3D configurator that gives you access to all the possibilities. You can bring your oak coffee table to life yourself and order it directly if you wish. Of course, you can also drop by for appropriate advice from our experts. You will find our showrooms in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Heeze and Deventer. There is no need to make an appointment to visit.

Frequently asked questions about our oak coffee tables


How high is an oak coffee table?

You choose the height of the oak coffee table. These are the heights we offer: 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm and 35 cm.


Which forms can I choose from?

Oval, Danish oval, semicircle, round, rectangular and organic.


Which colours can I choose from?

With oak, you can choose from 11 different colours.


What does an oak coffee table cost?

This depends on the choices you make. While composing in the 3D configurator, you can immediately see what your choices do to the price.


Can I see oak coffee table in real life?

You can! You will find a large part of our range in our home furnishing shops. Our experts in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Heeze and Deventer will be happy to help you. There is no need to make an appointment to visit.


How can I best maintain my oak coffee table?

For this, always use appropriate maintenance products that match your material.


Do I get a warranty on an oak coffee table?

All coffee tables come with a 12-month warranty.


What is the delivery time of an oak coffee table?

You can find the delivery time on the page of your oak coffee table.

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