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Looking for affordable furniture at a competitive price and do you value sustainability? Then look no further. Our second-chance furniture meets all your needs! The second-chance corner of Table du Sud is worth checking out. All furniture that’s deserving of a second chance is collected here! Quickly read on. You can find all relevant information about this special furniture below. PLEASE NOTE: Second Chance furniture must be picked up as soon as possible after purchase. After the order has been placed, you will receive an email from us to schedule your pick-up time.


What is second-chance furniture?


Second-chance furniture is not necessarily the same as second-hand furniture. Second-hand furniture has always been used already, but that doesn’t have to be the case for our second-chance furniture. But what’s the story of second-chance furniture? Below, you’ll find a number of examples of furniture that ends up in the second-chance corner. GOOD TO KNOW: we don't deliver second chance furniture. You can pick your piece of furniture up at one of our showrooms. The product page will tell you where you can find the furniture. 


From our collection


At Table du Sud we are constantly looking for innovation and the latest trends. As a result, certain models are occasionally removed from our collection. It would of course be a shame not to give this furniture a last chance. That's why we put them in the second-chance corner.




Making mistakes is human. Sometimes it happens that a certain dining table or sofa doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations. Think of the wrong size or colour. This piece of furniture also deserves a new home, so they arrive in the second-chance corner. With an advantageous price, of course!


Wrongly delivered


Sometimes we depend on suppliers, which means mistakes can happen here as well.  Because we deliver customisation, it comes down to details and if they deviate ever so slightly, the furniture is moved to the second-chance corner.


Sustainable buying


Sustainability is extremely important to us. For example, a tree is planted per every 3 tables sold and our workshop’s roof is outfitted with more than 1500 solar panels to provide us with sustainable energy. We offer you, the customer, an opportunity to buy sustainably. After all, throwing away furniture is shameful. So check this page from time to time and discover the new additions.


Affordable furniture


How do we determine the price of second-chance furniture? To give you a good idea, we add a description to every piece of second-chance furniture. This description explains why this piece of furniture ended up in our second-chance corner. Based on our findings, we attach a new, advantageous price tag. 


Frequently asked questions about our second-chance furniture


I’ve seen a nice piece of second-chance furniture. Does it come in a different colour or material as well?

No, all pieces of second-chance furniture are unique. It can no longer be adjusted.


Can I also buy a dining sofa/dining table/corner sofa through second-chance?

The offer changes every day. All current pieces of unique furniture deserving of a second can be found on this page. The offer can vary considerably from week to week. So keep a close eye on this page if you are looking for a specific piece of furniture.


Do you deliver second chance furniture as well?

No. You can pick your piece of furniture up at one of our showrooms.


Do I get a warranty on my second-chance furniture?

There is no warranty on Second Chance furniture and showroom models. All other furniture comes with a 12-month warranty.

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