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New : Mood #91 barstoel (2 stuks) in Bull - 149
Deal € 840.- € 250.-
Showroommodel : Sissie stoel (2 stuks) in Silent - 01
Deal € 660.- € 330.-
Showroommodel : Vloerkleed Ted - 200x300 cm
Deal € 765.- € 306.-
New : Eetkamerbank Le Mans in leder - 260 cm
Deal € 1,750.- € 650.-
In mint condition : Rechthoekige tafel - 280x90 cm, geleefd eiken - maronne
Deal € 2,390.- € 950.-
New : Eetkamerbank Le Mans in Africa leder 196 cm
Deal € 1,630.- € 978.-
New : Bartafel Yve - 200x70x100 cm , ultra matte lak
Deal € 1,405.- € 600.-
Showroommodel : Bette - stof Coco (2 stuks)
Deal € 660.- € 330.-
Showroommodel : Bette in Juke - Khaki (4 stuks)
Deal € 1,320.- € 480.-
New : Deens ovale fenix tafel Gap - 240x110 cm
Deal € 2,430.- € 1,200.-
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Bezorgers in tweedekans showroom 3
Tweedekans showroom 3
Tweedekans showroom

Second-Chance Furniture

Take advantage of great opportunities at our Outlet location for quality furniture from Table du Sud. Explore showroom models, discontinued collections, and order errors with discounts of up to over 50%!

This is how it works

We find throwing away things a shame. To promote sustainability, we have opened an additional mini-showroom on the outskirts of Leende where we collect our second chances. These include a variety of furniture such as sofas, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and more. The selection changes weekly. Feel free to come and take a look, and who knows, you might bring home a quality piece of furniture at a great price right away! No appointment is needed for a visit. Please note: purchased furniture is not delivered. We operate on a cash and carry basis



Second chance Outlet - Table du Sud

Opening hours
Every Saturday from:
10:00 tot 14:00

Langstraat 3-14A

+31(0) 40 304 6229
Available on working days until 5:00 PM

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Frequently asked questions

All ins & outs about our second chance furnitures


Where can I view the second-chance furniture from Table du Sud?

You can find us from January 2024 on Langstraat in Leende, not far from the showroom in Heeze. The address is Langstraat 3-14A in Leende.


What are the opening hours of Table du Sud Second-Chance?

This small showroom/storage is open every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM.


Which furniture is available at the Second-Chance location?

You'll find a carousel on this page featuring the current furniture selection. Please note that the turnover of furniture is high, so we cannot guarantee the availability of specific pieces when you come for a visit. It's first come, first served.


Can I have the purchased furniture delivered?

No, we operate on a cash & carry basis. This means you take your purchase with you immediately.


Can I claim a specific piece of furniture before i visit?

No, it is not possible to claim a particular piece.


How often will new furniture be added to the showroom?

We will add new furniture almost every week to the showroom


What furniture is offered?

This is a mix of furniture, including dining tables made of various materials, sofas, and dining chairs.


Can I combine a visit to Langstraat with a visit to the actual showroom?

Certainly. The Heeze showroom is only 4 km away from our Second-Chance location.


Can I visit the Second-Chance location at other times?

No, for now, we are only open on Saturday mornings.


How high are the discounts?

This varies per piece of furniture. Discounts can go well above 50%.


Do I need to make an appointment to come by?

No, you can simply walk in, just like at the showrooms.


Is there parking space available?

Yes, there are several businesses on the Langstraat premises, providing ample parking space.


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