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When it comes to coffee tables, Table du Sud has got you covered. We have everything you need for your living room, including custom-made coffee tables. Choose from various designs, materials, shapes, and colors to give your living room a beautiful boost. On this page, we have listed all the designs for you.

Coffee Tables: All Materials

Does your coffee table need to be black? Do you prefer a light color? Or do you want an oak coffee table? It’s all possible. We are proud to offer a wide variety of options, so you can always find a coffee table that matches your taste and the rest of your interior.

Oak Coffee Table

Working with high-quality oak is something we love to do in our own workshop. Fun fact: you can even choose from three different types of oak to create your oak coffee table.

Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut is making a comeback lately. This wood type exudes atmosphere and guarantees a warm look.

Concrete Coffee Table

Concrete coffee tables naturally do well in industrial living rooms, but we also see this material appearing in other styles more frequently. You can choose from six different colors with us. So, try to think beyond the standard gray!

Ceramic Coffee Table

Ceramic is very user-friendly, extremely durable, and easy to clean. This material is definitely worth considering, especially since you can choose from several colors when designing your ceramic coffee table.

Marble Coffee Table

When you say marble, you say luxury. Italian marble is a material for true connoisseurs. With a marble coffee table, you bring a real eye-catcher into your home.

Fenix Coffee Table

Fenix is a modern material. You can choose from an incredible number of colors, allowing you to perfectly match your new table with the rest of your decor. Additionally, Fenix is easy to maintain.

Buying a Custom Coffee Table

With us, you essentially design your own furniture. For each design, you have an incredible number of options to customize your coffee table. Are you looking for an oak coffee table? Then it's good to know that we have developed a 3D configurator for you to bring your dream table to life in no time. Tip: we also sell coffee table sets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Coffee Tables


How big should my coffee table be relative to my sofa?

Try to find the right balance so that your sofa, coffee table, and TV stand complement each other well. In our furniture stores, we are happy to help you determine the right size.


What shape suits a U-shaped or corner sofa?

Traditionally, a round coffee table works well with these sofas because it provides a nice mix of straight angles and curves. If you are looking for a sleek interior, you can also choose a rectangular coffee table to avoid curves.


Which coffee table is best for a small space?

Generally, we see that round and square shapes perform well in small spaces. These are compact shapes that allow you to use the space efficiently./span>


How much space should there be between a coffee table and a sofa?

Allow at least 50 cm. This prevents tightness and discomfort.


How long does a coffee table last?

This depends on several factors, such as the level of use and maintenance. Do you always keep your coffee table clean? Then it will last longer. Additionally, a coffee table in a household with children and/or pets tends to wear out faster. Finally, the material plays a role. Oak traditionally lasts a long time.


What should I put on a coffee table?

That is entirely up to you! Think of a vase with flowers, a photo frame, or candles. Of course, you can also choose to leave the table empty. In the case of pets or young children, this can be the best option.


How do I choose a coffee table?

Try to map out your preferences as best as possible. Consider the dimensions, color, and material of the coffee table. Then, check if your favorite design meets your needs.


Which coffee table suits my gray, black, green, etc., sofa?

It's smart to match your coffee table not only with your sofa but also with the rest of your interior. Does the color of your rug, sofa, TV stand, and accessories have a pattern? Then it's wise to match your coffee table accordingly. If you find it difficult to make a sofa-coffee table match, visit one of our furniture stores. Our experts are ready to provide tailored advice.


Which coffee table is suitable for children?

We recommend choosing a round or oval coffee table. These tabletops have no corners that children can injure themselves on.


How should I maintain my coffee table?

We have suitable maintenance products for this. For each material, we offer products that extend the lifespan of your coffee table.

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