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Ceramic tables

Like marble, but maintenance-friendly! Have you fallen in love with marble tables, but do you find ease of use just as important as design? Then we have the solution for you: ceramic tables!

Have you fallen in love with marble tables, but do you find ease of use just as important as design? Then we have the solution for you: ceramic tables!

What is ceramic?

Ceramic might not be the first material that comes to mind when purchasing a new dining table, but it is used a lot these days—and for good reason!

Ceramic is an industrially manufactured product featuring clay as the main component. The clay is pressed under extremely high pressure before it is fired at a high temperature. This creates a light, but very strong material that is extremely scratch resistant and can withstand both high and low temperatures. Putting a hot pan on a ceramic top? No problem at all!

Ceramic tables are resistant to scratches, chemicals, alkaline products, heat, frost, and UV radiation. They’re also very easy to maintain.

Do you want to know more about ceramic as a material? Read more about it in our blog about ceramic table tops.

Oval ceramic tables

So… a ceramic table top it is! Now for the shape, what about oval? An oval dining table has several advantages over a round dining table and a rectangular dining table.

The advantages of an oval table:

- Perfect for small spaces
- Easy to add more seats
- No sharp corners; safe for kids
- Cosy because you sit closer to each other
- Easy to combine with matching chairs
- You’ll have plenty of choice at Table du Sud

But how big should an oval table be? How do you determine the right size for your oval ceramic dining table? Usually you should consider 60 centimeters per seat of seating space an 10-15 centimeters in between. We do understand that determining the right size is not easy. That’s why we offer the Table du Sud oval table pattern!

Prefer a different shape of ceramic table? Then there are our round ceramic tables and our rectangular ceramic tables.

Your custom-made ceramic dining table

The measurements of a ceramic table? Those are for you to decide! Just like the other options to customise the table. In addition to all the different sizes, the ceramic table top is available in different colours and ceramic patterns as well.

Different colours of ceramic table tops

Various colours are available for ceramic tables. How about faux marble? This pattern has become very trendy in the designer world lately. Hardly distinguishable from real marble and much more user-friendly. Take your pick!  

Marazzi ceramic

Table du Sud only works with the best suppliers. It is therefore not without reason that we have chosen the Italian company Marazzi for our ceramic table tops. This ceramics specialist has been making the most beautiful high-end ceramics since 1935, where quality, durability and design have always been of paramount importance.

Matching frames for your ceramic table

It goes without saying that your beautiful ceramic table needs a matching frame. We’ve got you covered! We have specifically designed steel frames to match the ceramic table tops; subtle and modern—the perfect match! To complete the modern look of your dining table the frame will be powder coated by default. Thanks to this powder coating your table leg will have a matte look and will be well protected. Because the frames are also made to measure, you’re able to determine the height of your ceramic table as well as the colour of the powder coating.

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