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Low dining is as straightforward as it gets: you dine low. But what else does low dining entail? Low dining makes it possible to enjoy a nice low-key dinner. Because relaxation is central to low dining, a new mix has been created between the normal dining table sets and the (now) well-known lounge sets. The adjusted height ensures you can enjoy a long dinner, a pleasant after-dinner talk or even a drink.

Low dining set?

The traditional image we have of a dining table is slightly different in low dining. With a low dining table, the height of the dining table is only 68 cm instead of 76 cm. This results in a new form of dining. A low dining table naturally also includes dining chairs!

Oval low dining tafels

Why pick an oval table? Here’s why:

Perfect for small spaces
Easy to add more seats
No sharp corners; safe for kids
Cosy because you sit closer to each other
Easy to combine with matching chairs
You’ll have plenty of choice at Table du Sud

But how big should an oval table be? How do you determine the right size for your oval ceramic dining table? Usually you should consider 60 centimeters per seat of seating space an 10-15 centimeters in between. We do understand that determining the right size is not easy. That’s why we offer the Table du Sud oval table pattern!

Prefer a different shape of low dining table? Then there are our round low dining tables and our rectangular low dining tables.

Trend 2021

A sore butt after a long sitting at the dining table is definitely a thing of the past with this new home decoration trend! No matter your interior, we offer a solution in any shape of low dining table. Have you already taken a look at our wide range? From round low dining tables to oval low dining tables, but of course also our square or rectangular low dining tables.

Custom made furniture

Did you know that all Table du Sud tables are handmade in our own workshop? This way we can guarantee high quality while still being able to transform your specific wishes into a tailor-made table! This way you can determine the colour, shape, height and even its size! Does such a unique table sound interesting? We’ll be ready for you with tailor-made advice.

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