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Looking for an original dining table? Then look no further. Our pebble-shaped oak dining tables will steal the show in your kitchen or dining room! Are you about to buy a pebble-shaped oak dining table? Or are you curious about what a pebble-shaped table exactly is? Whatever the question, you’re in the right place. On this page we have collected all relevant information for you.


What is a pebble-shaped oak table?


At Table du Sud we roll up our sleeves every day in our own workshop. That means we’ve got complete freedom in determining our designs. We created the pebble shape for people who don't want to go for a classic shape such as the rectangle or the circle.


The pebble, a beautiful organic shape (think of a drop of water), offers many advantages. Firstly, this table really stands out in terms of design and originality. In addition, it’s possible to strategically place the table in your dining room so that you make efficient use of the space. Tip: you also determine the frame of the pebble-shaped oak tables yourself. There are dozens of steel frames that match well with the pebble shape. What’s your favourite?


Our oak in a pebble shape


As you know, we create custom work in our own workshop in Heeze. We use different types of oak. This means that you can choose between different types of oak for your unique pebble-shaped oak tabletop. At Table du Sud we distinguish between three types of oak:


Lived oak


Oak in its purest form. With lived oak we leave the knots and cracks in place. Of course, we’ll remove any sharp edges so you can safely enjoy your new acquisition. Good to know: knots on our lived oak tabletop will never exceed 6 cm.


New oak


Are you a fan of the authentic knots and cracks, but would you like your tabletop to feel smooth? Then choose new oak! With new oak, the pebble-shaped table top certainly contains knots and cracks, but these will be filled for you. There are two options when it comes to filling: black or in the colour of your tabletop. In short, there are plenty of ways to bring your beautiful tabletop to life!


Refined oak


Is super neat your thing? Then you’ll find your match in refined oak. The specially selected planks contain virtually no knots. It’s good to know we always work with natural products and that’s why we cannot rule out a mini knot. The maximum tabletop thickness of a refined oak pebble-shaped top is 4 cm.


Choose your details: colour and edge finish


We’re happy to convert your taste into the perfect table for you. This means we pay a lot of attention to the details, so you’ll be given the opportunity to provide personal specifications during your purchase. For example, consider the colour of your tabletop. In addition to choosing the classic wood colour, there’s plenty of different colours available as well. In fact, we’ve got more than ten in store for you. From deep black to silk white and everything in between.


Did you know you can determine the edge finish yourself? This way you can opt for an ordinary border. But that isn’t all. With the facet edge, for instance, the topmost 12 mm of the tabletop remains unchanged, but the remaining part runs 60 degrees inwards. Finally, we also have a 20-degree edge where, you guessed it, the angle will be 20 degrees.


Frequently asked questions about our pebble-shaped oak dining tables


How much does a pebble-shaped oak dining table cost?

We deliver custom work from our own workshop. Your wishes determine the price. The price of the table becomes immediately visible when you make your decisions online. So easy!


What’s the delivery time of a pebble-shaped oak dining table?

The delivery time of our dining tables can be found on the page of each table. These delivery times are current and immediately adjusted if the situation changes. That way you won’t ever be faced with surprises.


What are the delivery costs of a pebble-shaped oak table?

Delivery on the ground floor is always free if your order value exceeds €250.-. Please see our delivery page for any additional delivery charges.


Do you make all the pebble-shaped tables yourself?

That's right! In our workshop in Heeze we make all our furniture ourselves. Both the frames and the tabletops are manufactured here.


Can I see the pebble-shaped tables in real life first?

You’ll find an overview of our range in our showrooms. Get to know the different shapes, materials, and colours here. Our showroom employees are ready to provide you with appropriate advice. Come and visit us in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (in The Wall on the A2) or Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


How long is the warranty on my new pebble-shaped table?

All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty.


Do I have to make a down payment?

You don’t have to make a deposit in the showroom. For online purchases we ask for a small deposit. This is 10% of the purchase amount.


How can I best maintain my pebble?

We have special products for all materials with which you always keep your table in top condition. Check our maintenance products for this.

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