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Buying a new dining table isn’t something you do overnight. It’s important that this table won’t bore you years later, so the goal is to get one that keeps making you happy. Fortunately, we happen to be experts in bringing such a task to a successful conclusion! At Table du Sud you always get custom solutions. Choose from different designs, materials, colours, frames, and finishes. You’re the director of your own table. Oh! And we’re happy to help you with the composition of your new acquisition.


All shapes


On this page you’ll soon discover that we at Table du Sud have many different shapes in store for you. Of course, there’s the classic rectangular dining tables and round dining tables. However, the advantage of having our own workshop is that we can experiment with shapes and offer the most popular inventions.


A good example of this is the oval dining table. This table does exactly what it says, but during its composition, you soon discover that this is only one of four variants. We also have Danish oval dining tables, semi-oval dining tables and semicircle dining tables in store for you. Each shape has its own unique look and benefits. Be inspired by the possibilities and you just may discover a variant that suits you perfectly!


One of the current trends is the organic shape. These shapes can be found in nature and lend themselves perfectly to the shape of a tabletop. The best example is our pebble-shaped oak table


All materials


We also have a lot to offer in terms of material. When buying a new dining table, you may automatically think of an oak tabletop. Indeed, making oak tabletops is one of our specialties, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. 


When it comes to wood, we also offer Suar tree trunk tables and walnut, herringbone, and Fenix tables. You’ll find all relevant information on their respective pages, so you can discover whether one of these materials might suit you.


In addition to wood, we also have to offer other materials from which we manufacture tabletops. How about a classic marble dining table or a ceramic table, for example? And do you have a weak spot for the industrial style? Then a concrete dining table might be something for you!


Matching frames


The tabletop is often the eye-catcher of your dining table, but the frame should certainly not be forgotten. The frame supports the tabletop and can give your table a nice twist. Of course, we have classic four-legged frames in store for you, but we also have some more striking designs to make the whole thing a bit more original. All our frames can be combined with our different tabletops. Are you looking for inspiration? Then take a look at our frames. Good to know: the frames are also custom-made by ourselves in our workshop in Heeze.




It's all in the details. At Table du Sud we take that literally. That’s why you get many options when composing your new dining table, all so you can match your new furniture perfectly to your taste and the rest of the interior. Think, for example, of the edge finish of the tabletop, the colour of the frame (powder coating), the dimensions of the tabletop and much more.


When it comes to oak, we offer some extra choices. Do you like knots and cracks in your tabletop? Then go with lived oak. For those of you who prefer supersmooth tables, we have new oak in store.


Custom work from our own workshop

You already read it above: we make our dining tables from scratch and we’re so very proud of that. We do this in Heeze, near Eindhoven, where Table du Sud originated. In our own workshop we only start working after we’ve received an order. Because every table is unique, we have no stock. Curious about the process of making our dining tables? This is how it’s made!


Frequently asked questions about our tables




What does a dining table cost?

This depends on the choices you make. After you’ve selected your table, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust all the specifications. Think of the dimensions, colour, material, and finish. All choices affect the price. While you make your choices regarding the specifications, you immediately see what this does to the price.


What is the delivery time of a dining table?

You’ll find the current delivery time on the page of your table. We always adjust the delivery times immediately if they change. This way you’ll always see current delivery times and you won’t be faced with any surprises.


What are the delivery costs of a dining table?

Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250.-. Curious about any additional delivery costs? Check our page about delivery.


Do I get a warranty on my dining table?

At Table du Sud you get a 12-month warranty on your purchase. Want to know more? Read all about our warranty.


Can I see the dining table in real life first?

You’ll find a nice selection of our range in our showrooms. You can find us in Heeze, Utrecht, Rotterdam or Deventer. These showrooms sport a selection of our furniture in all kinds of different designs, materials, and colours.


I saw a nice dining table. Is it also available in a different colour?

Hell yes. We only deliver custom work from our own workshop. This means that all our dining tables are available in different sizes, colours, and materials.


I saw a nice dining table. Is it also available in a different material?

Hell yes. We only deliver custom work from our own workshop. This means that all our dining tables are available in different sizes, colours, and materials.


How can I best maintain my dining table?

We have specific maintenance products for each material for you to keep your table in top shape.


Do you use standard sizes for your tables?

No, when composing a table, you’ll automatically discover all the options we have to offer. Are you looking for a size that isn’t listed? Then please contact us. Together we can take a look at all the possibilities.


Do I have to make a deposit first?

This isn’t necessary for showroom purchases. For online purchases we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the order amount.

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