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Timeline du Sud

From a bar table made in our own shed to an innovative company

Once upon a time there were two brothers with a good idea... Teun and Evert Antonissen, the driving forces behind Table du Sud. But where did it all start?

"At the end of 2014 we made a bar table for our own use in our parents' garage. In no time we sold five bar tables in a week via Marktplaats."

That was the start of Table du Sud. Now a few years later, we have built up a great team, our machines regularly run a lot of (over) hours and we produce an average of 200 tables per week.

That whole story just started in the barn at the parents place. Now 2 business premises and 3 showrooms further, we are still growing...

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A custom made bar table

When Teun started living on his own, he needed a custom bar table. After a bit of searching, it soon became apparent that a custom table, especially for a student, was reasonably priced. Evert at that time was studying to become a furniture maker, so the two brothers decided to make one themselves.

"Many people really liked the table, after which we put one on We kept getting more messages from people who also wanted a custom table and we noticed that there was a real demand for reasonably priced custom tables. That's when the ball started rolling. We founded Table du Sud in our parents' shed in 2015 and have grown steadily since then."

Table du Sud now employs 110 people, has 3 showrooms and the range has expanded considerably. The tables are made in our own workshop and delivered to your home by our own delivery team, consisting of 9 buses! This allows Table du Sud to offer the best customized products at a fair price.

We are Table du Sud

Home. A piece of familiarity, safety and self-realization. You want to be yourself there, right? With personality comes authenticity and we believe that your interior should also radiate this to really make you feel at home. Our experience is that there are too many standard options in the field of furniture, too much mass. So we do it differently.

We make furniture that you put together yourself. The size, material and color. As a result, we unite personal taste with innovation and design. Table du Sud offers quality without middlemen, with the aim of becoming one of the leading furniture companies in the Benelux.

The specialty of Table du Sud is and remains making oak tables with a metal or oak base. In addition to tables, you can also find sofas, dining room benches, chairs and various other custom furniture to complete the interior.

2015 until now

All highlights at a glance.


FD Gazelle & Oryx

In March 2022, Table du Sud won the prestigious FD Oryx prize! "At Table du Sud, several elements come together. In addition to the impressive growth, the company is led by young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Without entrepreneurial experience, both have expanded the company in seven years to a turnover of more than ten million euros. Moreover, it is a production company that also produces exclusively in the Netherlands."


In the barn

Teun and Evert were not yet aware of this. Evert made a bar table for Teun, the first Table du Sud is a fact...


First bar table

The result was impressive, the first custom-made bar table was a fact! Not knowing that many people were also looking for this. Luckily they found out soon enough!


Our first workspace

View the first commercial space. 120 m2 of space to make tables. The ceiling was low (210 cm), but luckily so was the rent ;-).


The wood

The wood, the most important material, then and still today. Here you see the first large 'batch' that has been purchased. We are now ordering full trucks.


Planing, planing, planing!

beam after beam was planed. And all that without extraction. The two didn't care then, they were only concerned with the result: tables!


From beam to table

Step by step, the first tables are taking shape. Provisional, but with attention and surrender. The first tables for the showroom.


From workplace to showroom

Did we say showroom? Our workshop also functioned as a showroom on Saturdays. At the end of the week, we swept and vacuumed for over 1.5 hours, so that the 'showroom' was spotless again on Saturday!


Big steps

Major steps were taken and the first 400 m2 business space became too small... Looking for more space, for even more tables!



Demand kept increasing, so there was no other option but to increase production. This was possible with this homemade glue press. Cheers guys, and on!


We want more

Time for an upgrade. Increasing production also meant increasing the production hall in no time. We didn't have enough with 400m2 either...



Time to expand. Showroom Nieuwkoop is OPEN. A tactical location to provide the Randstad with genuine traditional Brabant tables.



Heeze, of all places. You can't see it yet, but plans were made here for the HQ of Table du Sud. Rabobank granted us credit on the basis of 1.5 financial years. What confidence!


The construction site

Ready, set, GO. The first columns go up in the air. The new head office + factory of 1200 m2 will be here in no time!


1200 m2

Construction is progressing steadily...


Architecture with appearance

Table du Sud, where design and appearance are of paramount importance. So this also had to become part of the building... And whether that was successful.


Let's get to work

Let's get to work! The production hall is finished and it will be tackled professionally immediately. Time for tables!


Time to expand

Soon we ran out of space again. Time for an expansion!


+ 700 m2

The current production hall will have an extension of approximately 700 m2.



The showroom in Nieuwkoop also needs more space, because the range continues to grow. Time for a move. A few doors down we find a nicer and larger space. Check!


Nice work

Production continues to increase. That can only mean one thing, plans for an expansion are being made.


+ 1700 m2

You won't guess, but it's really true. Time for the second expansion already. This time, the production hall will be expanded by 1,700 m2.


Bronze FD Gazelle

WOW, Table du Sud wins the bronze FD Gazelle. The prize for fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. P.S. We haven't grown yet ;-)


A new corporate identity

The old logo makes way for the new. This gives us a new, sleek look! What has remained the same? The compass to the beloved south of course!



Hello Denver! Table du Sud opens the doors of a new showroom in this beautiful city. So that customers from the North and East no longer have to travel long distances for a showroom visit.



Showroom Nieuwkoop is moving for the second time, but this time we are going big. Table du Sud opens a new showroom in The Wall in Utrecht. Here you will find no less than 1500 m2 of living inspiration...



From 3500 m2 to 7000 m2: the second production hall is finished! Including 20 extra office workstations, a company canteen and 800 extra solar panels.

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