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A U-shaped sofa where you can curl up with the whole family or with friends. Super cosy! At Table du Sud you’ll find various compact and larger U-shaped sofas that you can compose yourself. In short, you’re the director of your own U-shaped sofa and almost anything is possible! On this page we have collected all information regarding our U-shaped sofas.


Advantages of a U-shaped sofa


A corner sofa already offers a ton of options when it comes to furnishing your living room, but with a U-shaped sofa you’ll really enter a world of possibilities. Buying a U-shaped sofa at Table du Sud brings many advantages. We have listed some of those advantages below.




Composing a sofa all by yourself means you have a lot of freedom in terms of dimensions. The pictures of our sofas already indicate some possibilities, but don’t forget there’s much much more!


Sit opposite each other


Have a nice drink together and form a nearly fully closed circle. With a U-shaped sofa this becomes possible as you can sit opposite each other.


Stretching out


Due to the size of the sofa, there are several stretching positions available so that everybody can rest after a hard day's work. Create your own space and turn on that exciting Netflix series!


All possible materials


Yes, we have all of those in store for you (more on that later), which means you not only have freedom in terms of arrangement, but also in terms of fabrics (and leather!).

Different materials


The size of your new U-shaped sofa is naturally one of the most important properties, but don't underestimate the material either! The feeling you have while sitting on a sofa just has to be perfect. Fortunately, we have many different options so that your favourite fabric is bound to be among them. From velvet to leather and much more!


Before you make any decisions, it might be smart to take a look at what exactly you expect from your sofa regarding materials. Are you a fan of the softest possible fabric, or do you prefer a tighter and “harder” fabric? The structure of the fabric is very important here. Did you know that we have a materials chart for you on which all our fabrics are collected? This way you can literally feel all the fabrics at home and discover what makes you happy. If you then decide to buy a U-shaped sofa, you’ll receive a refund on the materials chart. 




You have picked a shape, your preferred material, so there’s only one thing left… colour! Also not unimportant, to put it lightly. A large U-shaped sofa occupies a prominent place in your living room, which is why it’s important for the colour of your sofa to fit well with your tastes and the rest of the room. 


All our materials are available in different colours, which means you can actually choose all colours of the rainbow (and everything in between!). Here, too, the pictures of the sofas give a good indication of the possibilities but do not include all, not by a long shot. So... Do you opt for traditional black, the currently popular green or something completely different? We’re curious and would love to hear it!


Leather U-shaped sofas


Leather is of course a special material when it comes to sofas. If you want to go for a leather sofa, you usually know right away. That means you don't have to worry about the different fabrics, although it remains smart to read up on the material. 


We have different types of leather, each with its own appearance and composition. Known for its authentic look, we have Africa. We also have Toledo leather, which is dyed through and through and provided with a protective finish. And did you know that we also have L60? This is a combination of leather (60%) and fabric (40%). 


Match your new purchase with your living style


Are you about to furnish a new house? Are you planning on completely renewing the living room or do you “just” need a new sofa? In any case, it’s nice if you can count on some inspiration during your orientation, and we are more than willing to help you with that inspiration.


The interior styles, for example, are a good starting point for your search. Discover living styles such as industrial, rural, and Scandinavian and the furniture that goes with it. And how about the new Japandi style? This style combines Scandinavian with Japanese, a surprising but extremely nice mix!


In addition, it’s advisable to take the rest of the interior into account so that the balance remains outstanding. Match the new sofa, for example, with the other furniture in terms of shapes and dimensions. For instance, having one leg of the U-shaped sofa on the rug and the other off of it might not be the best choice. Extra tip: light plays a major role when it comes to colours. For example, a dark blue sofa in a room with a lot of sunlight can look much lighter than you previously thought.


Frequently asked questions about our U-shaped sofas


What are the delivery costs of a U-shaped sofa?

We deliver for free on the ground floor with an order value of more than €250. View the delivery page for all information and possible delivery costs.


What is the delivery time of a U-shaped sofa?

This differs per bank. You’ll find the current delivery time on the sofa's web page.


Do I get a warranty on my U-shaped sofa?

Of course. All Table du Sud furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Knowing more? Read all about our warranty here.


Do I have to make a down payment?

We ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase price.


Can I change my order?

After you have composed your U-shaped sofa, we do everything we can to deliver the sofa as quickly as possible. So unfortunately, it isn’t possible to make any changes after. We ask that you contact us as soon as possible if this occurs.


Can I see the U-bank in real life first?

You'll find a selection of our range in our showrooms. Come and visit us in Heeze (near Eindhoven), Utrecht (right on the A2) or Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do you also sell dining sofas?

Of course! Kill two birds with one stone and get a beautiful dining sofa.


Do you also sell other furniture for the living room?

Read more

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