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Affordable customisation. That’s what we had in mind when we created the Table du Sud Basic line. On this page you’ll find more information about the dining tables and dining chairs.

What is Table du Sud | Basic?
Within the Basic line we focus on oak dining tables and dining chairs. When composing these tables, you’ll find out that you have slightly fewer options, but that doesn't mean you can't decide the details for yourself. With the Basic line, you also opt for customisation from our own workshop. We work without stock in Heeze, which means we specifically work for you and your wishes.

Basic dining tables
When you start composing your Basic dining table, you’ll find you’ll basically build it all by yourself. Let’s start with the shape. You can choose from rectangular, oval, round, and pebble. Something for everyone! Of course, the dimensions of your new acquisition are very important as well. The maximum length of our Basic tables is 2.40m with a width of 1.20m. The thickness of the tabletop is 30 mm by default. If we take a closer look at the tabletop’s material, we find a base layer of HDF. We put a layer of our best oak on top of this. The tabletops are available in two colours. If you’re a fan of the wood look, then go with the ultra matt lacquer. We always treat the table with an excellent lacquer that ensures your table with protection against circles and stains for 10 years. The foundation of your new table is the frame. Here, we have selected four popular variants for you. These are the Lachaud, Gap, Mads and XX 10x4.

Basic dining chairs
As you have undoubtedly already seen, we can offer you an incredible number of different dining chairs, in all shapes and sizes. In the Basic line, all our dining chairs have a maximum price tag of €250.

Frequently asked questions about the Basic line


What does a Basic dining table cost?

The Basic dining table has a starting price of €1185. When you put your table together, you can immediately see how your choices affect this price.


What do the Basic dining chairs cost?

We have collected inexpensive chairs for you in the Basic line. These chairs cost up to €250.


What is the delivery time for furniture from the Basic line?

You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your furniture. These delivery times are current and will immediately be adjusted if the situation changes.


What are the delivery costs of Basic furniture?

We deliver for free on the ground floor if your order value exceeds €250. Would you like to know more about delivery to another floor or, for example, about using a removal lift? Check out our delivery page.


Do I get a warranty on the furniture?

Yes, of course! You get a 12-month warranty on all furniture, with the exception of Second Chance furniture.


Do you really make the tables by yourself?

Yes! We do this in Heeze, in Brabant. We work without stock, which means we work specifically for you and your wishes.


Can I see the furniture in person?

Our showrooms are located in Heeze, Utrecht, and Deventer. Here, you’ll find part of our offer. Discover all materials, shapes, and colours. Our showroom employees are ready to help you with suitable advice. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Can I also contact you for personal advice?

You can schedule a free consultation with us. Of course, you can also walk in without an appointment and speak to one of our employees.


Can I change my order later?

No, we work without stock, which means we deliver customisation based on the details you provide. That means it isn’t possible to make adjustments at a later stage.


Do I have to make a down payment?

You don’t need to pay a deposit on showroom purchases. For online purchase, however, we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.

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