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If you opt for a Fenix dining table, you opt for an excellent price-quality ratio. And did you know that we have different kinds of oval in store for you? Of course, you compose your new acquisition all by yourself. Then we get to work for you in our own workshop!

More about Fenix

Fenix ​​is ​​a material that combines many advantages. The tabletops look very sleek, they show no stains and are available in many different colours. Fenix is a thin sheet material equipped with a nano-tech coating. Due to this coating, Fenix has a soft, matte structure. Would you like to know more about this striking material? Check out our page about Fenix.

Custom work from our own workshop

The advantage of having our own workshop is that we get to work with different materials and designs every day. This also gives us the freedom to experiment with different shapes.

Regular oval is and remains a classic, but did you know that we also have other shapes, such as the hugely popular Danish oval, as well as semicircle and semi-oval? Would you like to take a look at how these shapes might inspire you? Then read the blog about our oval shapes

Frequently asked questions about our Fenix ​​Birch dining tables


What does a Fenix ​​Birch dining table cost?

We don't actually have fixed prices. The price is calculated during the composition of your table. After each step, you immediately see how your choices affect the price. That way you know exactly where you stand.


What is the delivery time of a Fenix ​​Birch dining table?

The delivery times of our tables can be found on the page of your new dining table. These delivery times are current and immediately adjusted if the situation changes.


What are the delivery costs of an oval Fenix ​​Birch dining table?

Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250. Would you like to know more about delivery to another floor, moving lifts or any additional costs? You can find everything on our delivery page.


Do I get a warranty on my oval Fenix ​​Birch dining table?

Yes, of course. Table du Sud comes with a 12-month warranty on all furniture. An exception to this is Second Chance furniture. You can find more information on our warranty page.


Can I see the Fenix ​​tables in real life?

Of course! You’ll find part of our range in our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze, and Deventer. These showrooms have Fenix ​​tables, too. You don’t need to make an appointment for a store visit.


I saw a beautiful Fenix ​​table. Do you also have it in a different colour?

Yes! We have many different colours, ranging from white to black. This way you can perfectly match your new acquisition with the rest of your interior.


I saw a beautiful Fenix ​​table. Do you also sell that design in a different type of material?

Yes, of course! Our tables are made of oak wood, ceramics, marble, and concrete.


How do I best maintain my Fenix ​​dining table?

We have specific maintenance products for each material. This keeps your new acquisition in tip-top shape!


Do you use standard sizes for the tables?


No. When you’re composing your table, you’ll find many different sizes. Would you like a different size? Then please reach out to us. Together we’ll look at all possibilities.


Do I have to make a down payment?

Showroom purchases don’t require a deposit. For online purchases, however, we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase amount.

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