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Due to the corona virus (Covid-19), we are currently all working from home in the Netherlands. That takes some getting used to! At the beginning you may have worked from your living room, but now it is clear Covid is not going away as soon as we may have thought, it might be nice to have your own workstation. Never was it this important to have your own place to work from at home. As no house nor room is the same, we gladly offer to customise your working place. As you are free to pick your table’s measurements, you can pick one suitable as a desk. Of course, you may prefer upgrading your dinner table into a multifunctioning table to both work and dine at. It’s all possible. Do pick a good chair for comfort and be sure to look at some nice wall shelves to store some extra possessions. You can read more about all this in our blog about the ideal home office.

Besides a nice home office table or desk, you need a comfortable chair, of which we have plenty in our collection. Make sure your chair supports your back so you can adopt good posture. Here, the correct desk height is vital. Align your desk to your chair and you’re ready to rock!

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