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Semi-oval is one of the available choices if you want a unique variant of the classic oval shape. In our own workshop in Heeze, we have the freedom to devise and realise our own shapes. A semi-oval dining table is one of our hobby horses. Are you curious about what semi-oval is precisely, or are you curious about the possibilities in composing a semi-oval dining table? Then you’re at the right place. On this page, we have listed all relevant information about this special shape.

What is semi-oval?

A semi-oval dining table is very subtle. At first glance you might even think you’re dealing with a normal rectangular dining table, but nothing could be further from the truth! Notice the minimal arch on the long sides, creating an oval shape. Another difference to the classic oval is the inward angle of 90 degrees that the long sides make, which basically allows you to create an extra seat at the front. Ideal for large families or for households that enjoy a drink. Example: with the oval dining table Marly, you can clearly see the characteristic subtle curves of semi-oval.

Different semi-oval materials

As you read above, we have our own workshop in Heeze, Brabant. Here, we work with many different materials to manufacture the best and most beautiful dining tables for you. If you go for semi-oval, we can safely say that we can offer a ton of different options in terms of material:


The material that’s in our hearts; we simply love to work with oak. With a dining table made of French oak, you’ll definitely steal the show. Would you like to know more about this material? Then read the page about our oak wood and immediately check out our oval oak dining tables. Tip: during assembly, you can opt for the semi-oval shape.


Yes, of course! A semi-oval dining table made of walnut is certainly possible. This type of wood has a warm appearance and is perhaps the choice for your dining room or kitchen. View our walnut oval dining tables here.


Ceramic is very similar to marble, but scores slightly higher in terms of usability and advantages. Got your interest? Then take a look at ceramics. We have also listed all oval ceramic dining tables for you.


The classic-looking big brother of ceramics. We have found this material in our homes for centuries and that won’t change in the years to come. When you think of marble, you may immediately think of white, but did you know we also have dark variants in store? Be inspired by marble and discover our oval marble tables


One of the most popular floor patterns of the moment. Did you know that this pattern is also perfect for a semi-oval table? And best of all: we make them for you! Herringbone is the trend of the moment and an oval herringbone table absolutely steals the show!


Fenix ​​is ​​a thin sheet material with a nano-tech coating. This sheet material is made of paper (more than 60%) and thermosetting resin. The outer surface is treated with a new generation acrylic resin, which is hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process. Pretty technical talk, but the result is a surface with an exceptionally matt and soft structure; a material that lends itself perfectly to making dining tables. View our oval Fenix tables.


In our workshop we love to manufacture relatively small, but also large dining tables for you. As soon as you start composing your semi-oval dining table, you’ll notice that you can play with the dimensions. This means you get a table that fits perfectly in your kitchen or dining room. Get started with a tape measure at home and discover the ideal size for your new acquisition.

Determining the size can be quite difficult. It might be a good idea to first determine how many dining chairs you want to place at the table. Read our blog about the number of chairs at the table and discover the sizes that fit your preference. 

Frames for a semi-oval dining table

When buying a new table, chances are that you mainly focus on the tabletop. The dimensions, the colour, the shape and the material. There’s a lot to choose from, so you have plenty of options to match the top to your taste. However, remember that a dining table is a true unity of two parts. The frame also plays an important role! Tip: we also sell separate frames and tabletops.

In our workshop we’re not only working with wood, marble and ceramics, but also with steel! We manufacture the most diverse frames for you in our welding hall. Each frame can be matched with a tabletop, which means there’s a ton of combinations possible. Tip: when picking a frame, pay close attention to the shape and placement of the seats. This prevents a lack of crucial legroom.

Advantages of semi-oval

Bringing a semi-oval dining table into your home makes for a number of advantages. First, you deal efficiently with the space provided. In addition, a semi-oval table is a bit cosier, as it's easier to look at the people sitting next to you on the long sides.

This variant of oval also has the advantage that there are two full seats on the short side, so you can seat more people at the table. With a narrow classic oval table this can sometimes be problematic.

Other oval shapes

Is half oval just not your thing? Then it's good to know that we have other oval variants in store. Of course, we have dozens of different oval dining tables to offer you.

And how about Danish oval? We came up with this exclusive shape ourselves in our workshop and it’s become incredibly popular!


When looking for a new table, it’s nice to know exactly what’s for sale. We also like to inspire you with ideas and living styles. We have listed the most popular living styles for you. Perhaps you’re planning to realise a complete makeover at home, or maybe you’re going to move. Regardless, this could be the time to switch living styles. How about industrial or rural, for example? Discover all the flavours and adjust your interior accordingly.

Frequently asked questions about our semi-oval dining tables


How much does a semi-oval dining table cost?

You largely determine the price yourself. While composing your table online, you can immediately see how your choices affect the price. This way you won’t be faced with any surprises.


What is the delivery time of a semi-oval dining table?

This depends on the current demand. You’ll find the current delivery time on the page of your table.


What are the delivery costs of a semi-oval dining table?

Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250.-. Would you like to know more about delivery to another floor or about any additional costs? Read our page about delivery.


Do I have to make a down payment?

This isn’t necessary for showroom purchases. For online purchases we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the purchase amount. Do you want to know more? Read our page about payment.


Do you also sell matching furniture and accessories?

Yes, of course! For example, check out our dining chairs, dining sofas and rugs.


Do you make the semi-oval dining tables yourself?

That's right! We make these in Heeze, where one of our showrooms is also located. Both tabletops and frames are manufactured here.


Can I see the dining tables in real life first?

You’ll find part of our range in our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze, and Deventer. Here, you’ll get to know different designs, colours, and materials. Our showroom employees happily advise you.


How long is the warranty on a semi-oval dining table?

The following applies to most furniture: 12 months warranty. Exceptions to this are, for example, showroom models. Want to know more? Then please read our warranty page.


Do I have to assemble my semi-oval table myself?

No, that’s part of our service. We deliver the dining table on the ground floor and assemble the table for you. This allows you to choose the place of the frame.


Do you also have colour samples?

Yes! This way you can check which colour wood suits you best from the comfort of your own home. Check out our colour sample set. You can also order the colour samples separately.

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