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We're happy to help you find an oval coffee table. You can customize your oval coffee table to perfectly match the rest of your interior.

Wooden Oval Coffee Tables

In our workshop in Heeze, we love working with wood. We select the best wood types to create various pieces of furniture. When designing your coffee table, you have two options to choose from.

Oval Oak Coffee Tables

We have been working with high-quality oak for nearly 10 years. It remains one of the best types of wood for making furniture. We have reliable suppliers who provide us with excellent oak. You can even choose from three different types to better match your new addition to your taste.

Oval Walnut Coffee Tables

Walnut wood is becoming increasingly popular. This wood type has a traditionally warm appearance, and a walnut coffee table guarantees coziness. In our opinion, it's the perfect choice if you're looking for a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Buying an Oval Coffee Table

You can, of course, visit one of our furniture stores to customize your coffee table. But did you know that you can also design your new piece of furniture from home? We've developed a 3D configurator that guides you step by step towards your dream piece of furniture. Tip: We also sell sofas. Grab a great set for your home.

Black Oval Coffee Table

The color black remains popular. We sell black oak coffee tables. So, try to look beyond the traditional wood color seen in most images. We have 11 different colors, and the Black Smoke Intense and Deep Black colors are variations of black that you're sure to love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Oval Coffee Tables


What can you place on an oval coffee table?

Consider a beautiful vase with flowers, a lovely candle or candlestick. A stack of books or magazines is also an option. There are many accessories that fit well on an oval coffee table. Tip: avoid using a vase that is too tall as it might block the view of the TV from certain angles.


Which coffee table fits well in a large space?

An oval coffee table is definitely suitable for this. Additionally, a rectangular coffee table also works well in large spaces. For a smaller space, you might opt for a square or round coffee table to use the space efficiently.


What is a good height for an oval coffee table?

Coffee tables are often lower. A rule of thumb is that the height of a coffee table usually corresponds to the seat height of the sofa. You can, of course, vary this. Our coffee tables range from approximately 20 cm to 50 cm.


Does an oval coffee table go well with a U-shaped sofa?

A round table pairs well with a U-shaped sofa, and an oval one does too. If you prefer a sleek interior with straight lines and angles, choose a square or rectangular coffee table.


Does an oval coffee table suit a corner sofa?

Absolutely. Choose an oval or round table if you want a nice mix of straight lines and curves. Choose rectangular or square if you prefer only angles and straight lines.


Which oval coffee table matches my grey, green, etc., sofa?

Creating the right combination can be challenging. Try to maintain the balance of your space and don’t focus solely on the sofa. Consider the TV stand, the rug, and all accessories as well. If you find it difficult to make the right choice, visit one of our showrooms for free advice.


What color rug matches my oval coffee table?

Try to incorporate colors from the entire room to create a cohesive look. We are ready to help you make the right choice.


What is the delivery time for an oval coffee table?

You can find the delivery time on the page of your favorite coffee table. These are current delivery times that we update as the situation changes. After your purchase, you have the option to schedule the delivery yourself.


Can I see oval coffee tables in person?

In our showrooms in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Heeze, and Deventer, you can find a large portion of our range. Here you can get acquainted with all the materials and designs.

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