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A round oak dining table is and remains a classic. At Table du Sud we like to work with high-quality French oak to create the most beautiful furniture. Working with oak is one of our specialties and the resulting round oak dining tables are real gems. Of course, you have complete freedom to compose your new acquisition completely according to your wishes at Table du Sud. On this page we have collected all relevant information for you.

Types of round oak tables

As you may know, we have our own workshop near Eindhoven, in Heeze. It’s here where our craftsmen roll up their sleeves daily to realise beautiful furniture. The advantage of having our own workshop is that we have plenty of space to come up with new designs and eventually new furniture. In the case of round oak tables, this has resulted in a wide range that allows us to divide the specific tables into a number of groups.

Round oak dining tables with steel frame

If you think of a robust round oak table, chances are that you immediately envision a steel frame. In our workshop we not only work with different types of wood, but also with steel. We also make these steel frames by ourselves, which can be nicely combined with oak tabletops. Mix & match in your mind and compose your new favourite dining table!

Round oak dining tables with oak frame

Traditionally, oak is a very strong type of wood and therefore extremely suitable for furniture. An incredible amount is possible here as well. The X-frame is very popular in the world of steel frames, for example, but did you know that we can also make it in oak? Tip: are you a fan of retro, vintage and somewhat old-fashioned? We also offer round oak frames that you normally see on monastery tables, such as the Hermes and Boas.


The diameter of your tabletop is of course very important. We offer a number of options when putting together your round oak table. We start at 1.00m, but we also offer tabletops upwards of 1.80m in diameter. Do you have a size in mind that isn’t listed? Then please contact us; a lot is possible! It can be difficult to choose the right size for your new table. Because how many seats do you actually want and how much space do you need per seat? Read our blog about the number of chairs at a table, so you can make sure you’re making the right choice. Tip: we also sell cutting patterns for round tables. This way you can see how a certain size will look from the comfort of your own home. 

All types of oak

As mentioned, we work with amazing oak wood in our workshop. Did you know that there are different types of oak for sale? When composing your table, we offer you the choice between different types, so that you can perfectly match your new furniture to your taste. Are you a fan of the classic oak look–that is, tabletops with knots and cracks? Then go for lived oak. Of course, we also have sleeker oak, which is usually called refined oak. New oak is the golden mean between the two. Regarding the latter two types, any knots and cracks are filled in for you. On our page about oak, we have collected additional information about this type of wood. Discover which type of oak suits you best and select this type for your new tabletop. Tip: we also sell separate oak tabletops

More colours than you expect 

We often hear people say they imagine classic brown when they think of an oak table. Of course we have that colour in store for you, but did you know that we also have more than ten other colours to offer? This means that you have a great opportunity to match the round oak dining table with the rest of your interior. From Silk White to Deep Black and many flavours in between. 

But how do you know which colour to choose? You can’t achieve 100% certainty, but you can certainly consider a number of factors. The rest of your interior plays an important role. If you ensure the colour connects with the rest, the odds are there that the balance won’t be disturbed. In addition, it’s smart to take the lighting into account. Do you have a lot of sunlight in your dining room or kitchen? Then there’s a good chance that a relatively dark table will appear a lot lighter. It also works the other way around, of course.

Frequently asked questions about our round oak tables


How much does a round oak table cost?

You’ll find a target price on the page of your table. You determine the final price yourself during the composition. For example, a small table is obviously a bit cheaper than a larger version.


What is the delivery time of a round oak table?

You’ll find the delivery time on the page of your table. These delivery times are current and will be immediately adjusted if the situation changes. This way you always know where you stand.


What are the delivery costs of a round oak table?

Delivery on the ground floor is free if your order value exceeds €250. Would you like to know more about, for example, delivery to higher floors or about any other possible extra costs? Then consult our page about delivery.


Can I see the dining tables in real life?

On the page of your table, you can see whether this specific table can be admired in a showroom. If this isn’t the case, it certainly still pays to visit Heeze, Utrecht, or Deventer. Our showroom employees will happily introduce you to all materials and give you appropriate advice. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit.


Do I get a warranty on an oak dining table?

Yes, of course! You get a 12-month warranty on almost all Table du Sud furniture. However, this doesn’t apply to showroom models and second-chance furniture. Would you like to know more about this? Read all about our warranty.


Do I have to make a down payment?

This isn’t necessary for showroom purchases. For online purchases we ask for a small deposit of 10% of the order amount.


Do you also sell other furniture/accessories for the dining room or kitchen?

That's right! Take a look at our dining chairs, dining sofas, rugs, and lamps.


Can I get advice about my interior in combination with the furniture?

You’re most welcome in our showrooms for advice. You don’t need to make an appointment. Would you like extensive advice? Then schedule a 2D interior advice. Spread over two sessions, we’ll look for the perfect furnishing tonight.


A round table just isn’t for me. Do you also sell other shapes?

In that regard, an oval dining table comes closest. It also means a slightly larger piece of furniture. For example, the Danish oval dining table is very popular at the moment.


Are the round oak dining tables available in different colours?

Correct! We can offer more than ten available colours for the tabletops.

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