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We love wood! When Table du Sud was founded in 2015, this was the material from which our first furniture was made. And for good reason: wood is timeless and has a beautiful natural appearance.

The most beautiful dried wood is delivered in large quantities every week. Before the wood is transported, it is dried in different kilns at different temperatures, so that the wood virtually no longer works. As soon as the beams arrive in the warehouse, the production process of our furniture starts.

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Different types

You can choose between different types of oak wood. These table tops are made of the same quality oak, but they have a different finish:

New oak
New oak is not brushed and the knots are filled as standard, so that the table feels smooth. You can choose to fill the leaf in the same color as the wood or in the color black. A new oak top looks calmer and more modern.

Sawing in
New oak is not sawn in as standard. The edges stay tight with a slight bevel against the sharp edges of the wood (as shown in the photo above).

Characterisation new oak:
• No cracks (can contain small cracks)
• Contains knots
• Filled knots
• Sleek appearance

Lived oak
With lived oak, the surface of the top is brushed, which emphasizes the grain and brings out the character of the wood. Knots and cracks are left open as standard and the edges are sawn in. The wood plays the leading role in these tables.

Characterisation lived oak min:
• No major cracks
• Knots remain open
• Maximum size open knots 4 cm

Type of lived oak:
• May contain larger cracks
• Maximum size open knots 6 cm
• This sheet is busier than lived oak MIN
• This sheet contains more knots than lived oak MIN

Filling up
A lived oak leaf is not filled by default. However, for the safety of the users, our staff in the workshop can still choose to fill a knot/crack. Think, for example, of sharp knots or knots that are through and through.

Brushing creates a lived-in appearance. Live oak tops are brushed as standard. Even if you opt for a lived oak filled top, this is brushed as standard. Because the blade is brushed with a heavy duty machine, this machine may "knock out" small pieces of padding. Unfortunately we cannot prevent this. So if you would like a closed table, choose new oak. Each plank has a different hardness. As a result, one plank can show more structure than the other plank.

Refined oak
Refined oak contains virtually no cracks or knots. Because the selection of this wood is more difficult and intensive, an additional cost is charged for this.

This type of leaf is not sawn, and filling is not applicable because there are virtually no knots or cracks in it. it is possible to have the leaf brushed for more structure.

Refined oak characterization:
• Super sleek blade
• No cracks or knots*
• Maximum sheet thickness 4 cm

* May contain mirrors and some small knots

All tables are composed of different planks. Because each plank has a different color, we cannot prevent color differences between the planks. Wood is a natural product, therefore tops cannot be exactly copied and table tops differ from each other.

You can choose from 13 different colors for our oak dining tables!

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Each piece of wood is unique in structure, grain and colour. Cracks, small holes, unevenness and knots are natural properties of the wood. These characterize the authenticity of the wood. These are not errors, but a specific characteristic that the wood has been given in nature. These make every piece of furniture characteristic and unique.

A limited warranty applies to the wooden parts of our furniture. The warranty covers production errors. We do not guarantee the working of wood, because this is not a defect in the product, but a characteristic of the material.

We provide more information about this later. Wood is a natural product. We use the highest quality wood for our furniture. The wood we use is sawn and dried with a moisture percentage between 8% and 12%. This makes it suitable for use in a heated room.


You've probably heard it before: wood works. By 'working' is meant, among other things, the expansion, contraction, cracking and/or warping of wood. Wood absorbs moisture and releases moisture. The extent to which this happens depends, among other things, on temperature differences and the humidity in the environment. The level of humidity is important for the extent to which wooden parts of your furniture work.

Wood will work much less if the humidity in the room remains at a fairly constant level. We recommend an almost constant humidity between 50% and 60% with a decrease of 10% in winter and an increase of 10% in summer. This is a healthy living environment for both you and your wooden furniture(s).

It is best to use a hygrometer to measure the humidity. You place this at eye level, not on the draft and not in the sun. If the humidity is too low, you can place a humidifier or hang filled water containers on the radiator. Due to the evaporation of the water, the humidity increases. If the humidity is too high, you can use an air conditioner. You can also install a dehumidifier or moisture absorber. It is also wise to regularly air your house by opening a door or window. This is not only a good idea for your furniture, but also for yourself.


To keep your furniture beautiful for a long time, it is important to treat it with the right maintenance product. Various maintenance products are available in our webshop. Which product you use depends on the finish of the wood. This finish protects the furniture against external influences. Our high-quality lacquer. This provides a protective layer, whereby the wood retains its natural matte appearance and the grain remains visible and tangible. With the lacquer, the chance of circles and stains is nil. Also, any scratches that arise due to the use of your furniture are often not clearly visible. The furniture is maintenance-free for ± 10 years, depending on the intensity of use.

Your furniture can generally be kept clean with a damp cloth. You can use a cleaner for stubborn dirt. This can be ordered in our webshop. Be careful with tea bags, red wine and objects that can oxidize. We also recommend using coasters under hot and sharp objects.

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