How many chairs for my table

Tips bij het uitzoeken van jouw droomtafel

During your search for a new dining table it is important to consider both the room you have available as well as the number of chairs you want to have at your table. Do you want to know how much space you need for a specific number of dining room chairs at your rectangular, square, oval or round dining table? We offer you an overview that allows you to precisely gauge the size of your new table.


Oval tables for a small space 

Do you have a small space, but do you want to be able to put a certain number of chairs at your table? If so, one of our oval tables might be your fit! Due to their circular form, oval dining tables do not take up as much space as a rectangular table. Moreover, you can easily walk around your table while retaining ample room for your chairs. On the image below you will see you can easily put six chairs at an oval table already starting from 200 cm in length. At a length of 240 cm, you are even able to comfortably dine with eight people. The required length depends on the type of chair you use. 


round and cosy

Looking for a snug table? Then a round table is your perfect pick, as a relatively great amount of people can sit at such a table while still being able to reach all the good stuff that’s displayed. Put down some pans, some bowls and all take a seat: the recipe for good times! Below you will find an overview of all our round tables and their respective diameters. For instance, with a table that is 140 cm in diameter, you can push up six chairs without armrests already.  



On average we rely on 60 cm of space per chair at both rectangular and square tables. This, however, depends on the type of chair, where you can choose between chairs with and without an armrest. The space between two chairs is not necessarily a given, but 10-15 cm between two is usually held as a decent distance necessary to sit comfortably. If you want a rectangular table with six chairs we advise a length of 220 to 240 cm, and if you want eight, we advise a length of 260 to 300 cm. A width of 90 to 110 cm is most common with both lengths. 

Extendable tables

If you regularly receive guests, but do not want to buy an oversized table, then we recommend one of our extendable tables. These tables can be extended by 80 to 100 cm. This is ideal for an elaborate dinner with friends or for some other special occasion; pick some extra dining room chairs and everyone fits! On normal days, you can simply retract your table so you can enjoy some extra living space: it’s simply perfect!


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