Free* interior advice

Choosing the right furniture can be difficult. Our experts with years of experience are happy to help you furnish your living or dining room. Schedule 2D interior consultations and realize your dream in no time.

Please note: limited availability by phone

From 13 to 28 August, our office, workshop and logistics are enjoying a well-deserved holiday. As a result, we are limited reachable by phone. Our showrooms are open during this period. Will we see you soon in Heeze, Utrecht or Deventer?



Free interior advice from Table du Sud

Together we aim for the perfect interior.

Choosing the right furniture can be difficult. Fortunately, our experts with years of experience will happily help you furnish your living or dining room.

Schedule an interior advice session and realise your dream look in no time.

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What can you expect from us?

Our goal is to captivate you with beautiful furniture in a (self-chosen) setting where everything matches nicely within one living style. How do we achieve that? Well, like this!

Step 1: Intake interview in the showroom

You’re welcome in one of our showrooms for an intake interview of one hour. During this interview, we’ll explore your preferences, get an idea of ​​the space(s) you want to fill with new furniture, and get to know all your wishes. This way, we’re able to map out the options that possibly match your taste.

Step 2: 2D interior advice with 2D drawing

After having heard your wishes, we’ll start writing down suitable advice. We’ll show you which furniture and accessories match well, which colours go together, and which materials are suitable for your new interior. Basically, a colour and style study. During this 2-hour consultation with 2D drawing, we take plenty of time to go through all your options.

Step 3: Possible follow-up appointment & choosing furniture

After sharing the 2D drawing and the second conversation, you have plenty of time to put everything together. Plan to buy one or more pieces of furniture from us? Then you’re most welcome to communicate your wishes. Tip: it’s of course also possible to make a purchase immediately after the 2nd meeting. This saves you an extra trip to the showroom.


Interior advice in Utrecht, Heeze or Deventer?

As you may know, you can find our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze, and Deventer. You can choose in which showroom you’d like to receive help. Take your time and come a little earlier and be inspired by our extensive offer. Please note: due to the crowds during the weekends, we only schedule consultations on weekdays.


Would you like a visit to our largest showroom? Then send an email to:


Here, you’ll find one of our showrooms as well as the workshop where we make all our furniture ourselves. Let us know if you want to come by for advice and we’ll plan something as soon as possible. Send an email to:


In Deventer we take all the time for you to give your interior a boost as well. Send a quick email to:


We won't charge you for our advice!


In order to be able to give the best possible advice, it would be nice for us if you put some time into the preparation. Get started with a tape measure at home and map out the size of the space you want to fill with furniture. Also make a note of the sizes of your current furniture. This gives us a first impression of the possibilities in your interior. 

In addition, take many photos of your interior. Don't forget the floor and walls. The colours of these are crucial in determining the perfect colour palette for your space. It’s also smart to gain some inspiration to bring along. Think of furnishings of other houses that make you happy and colour samples.



Frequently asked questions about 2D interior advice from Table du Sud

What does the advice cost?

Our advice is free

On which days can I contact Table du Sud for advice?

Utrecht Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Heeze Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Deventer Tuesday and Thursday

What is a 2D drawing?

This is a floor plan of your living or dining room in which we place all the furniture from our advice with the correct sizes.

How do I make an appointment for suitable interior advice?

You do this by sending an email to the showroom of your choice. Do you prefer a certain day and/or time? Then communicate this immediately. This way we can quickly find a suitable moment for the first meeting.




I want to visit the showroom before/after the consultation. Is that possible?

Yes, our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze and Deventer can also be visited without an appointment. You’ll find the opening times on the respective pages of these locations.

Does the focus lie on the consultation or on the dining table itself?

You indicate what you want to receive advice about. Table du Sud doesn't just sell dining tables. With us, you’ll find everything regarding the living and dining room. Think, for example, of coffee tables, sofas, dining sofas, and rugs

Can I also do something at home regarding inspiration?

In addition to searching for images and measuring your space, you can, for example, take a look at our colour samples and the materials chart for chair upholstery.

I've already seen a nice piece of furniture. Can this be incorporated into the advice?

For sure! We take all your wishes into account in our advice.


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