Free interior advice from Table du Sud

Together we aim for the perfect interior.

Choosing the right furniture can be difficult. Fortunately, our experts with years of experience will happily help you furnish your living or dining room.

Schedule an interior advice session and realise your dream look in no time.

Free interior advice | Table du Sud
Free interior advice | Table du Sud
Free interior advice | Table du Sud

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What can you expect from us?

Our goal is to captivate you with beautiful furniture in a (self-chosen) setting where everything matches nicely within one living style. How do we achieve that? By giving you the best possible advice. Good to know: you can always visit us without an appointment to orientate yourself or ask for advice. During a scheduled consultation, we make a 2D interior plan.


Interior advice in Utrecht, Heeze, Rotterdam, or Deventer?

As you may know, you can find our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze, Rotterdam and Deventer. You can choose in which showroom you’d like to receive help. Take your time and come a little earlier and be inspired by our extensive offer. Please note: due to the crowds during the weekends, we only schedule consultations on weekdays.


Table du Sud's interior advice is completely free! We're happy to take the time for you so we can consider your wishes to arrive at the best options!  


In order to be able to give the best possible advice, it would be nice for us if you put some time into the preparation. Get started with a tape measure at home and map out the size of the space you want to fill with furniture. Also make a note of the sizes of your current furniture. This gives us a first impression of the possibilities in your interior. 

In addition, share information with us when planning your conversation via email. For us useful are, for example: color wishes, interest in certain furniture/products, the room where the furniture will be placed and possibly a floor plan. This way you give us the opportunity to give the best possible advice.

Please note: scheduling a consultation almost always takes at least a week. Please try to take this into account when planning your arrival.


Frequently asked questions about 2D interior advice from Table du Sud


What does the advice cost?

De adviesgesprekken zijn helemaal gratis!


On which days can I visit Table du Sud for advice?

Utrecht → Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Rotterdam→ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Heeze → Wednesday and Thursday

Deventer → Tuesday and Thursday


What is a 2D drawing?

This is like a floor plan of your living or dining room in which we reflect all the furniture from our advice with the right measurements.


How to make an appointment for suitable interior advice?

You can do this by emailing the showroom of your choice. Do you have a preference for a day and/or time? Then let us know right away. That way we can quickly find a suitable time for the first meeting.


I want to visit the showroom before or after the consultation. Is that possible?

Yes, our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze, Rotterdam and Deventer can also be visited without an appointment. You will find the opening hours on the pages of these locations.


Is the focus of the counselling session on the dinner table?

You specify what you want advice on. Table du Sud does not only sell dining tables. You will find everything for the living and dining room. For example salontafels, sofas, dining sofas en rugs


Is there anything I can do at home for inspiration?

In addition to searching for images and measuring your space, you could, for example, take a look at our colour samples en de materials card for seat covers.


I have already seen a nice piece of furniture. Can it be incorporated into the advice?

Dat kan zeker. We include all your requirements in our advice.

Free interior advice | Table du Sud
Free interior advice | Table du Sud
Free interior advice | Table du Sud

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