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At Table du Sud, you can customize your dream table from top to bottom. It's super fun, but it also means a lot of options and choices! No stress, we'll guide you with this manual.

"We have detailed the options for you at each step in our configuration and added extra explanations to ensure you make the right choice. Need more tips? Then, read one of our inspiration blogs.

1. Choose your favorite material
Click on one of the materials for more information
Choose from lived oak, new oak, or refined oak. With Table du Sud's oak you make a sustainable choice and you get to enjoy a beautiful piece of furniture for a long time.
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Ceramic is the perfect alternative to marble. It's very strong, easy to keep clean, and available in many different colours. In short, a ton of useful benefits!
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Looking for a soft, yet very strong tabletop that's easy to keep clean? Then Fenix is for you! There's also the opportunity to choose from dozens of colours.
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Herringbone Elegance
How about that popular herringbone pattern... but on your tabletop? Well, why not! With our specially selected planks we'll create a genuine pearl of a table for you!
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Warm, classic, and stylish. Just a few words that come to mind when thinking of our American walnut. What do you think?
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A layer of ciré concrete on wood provides the ultimate combination. This makes our concrete dining tables easier to maintain.
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2. Select your favorite shape
Discover all shapes and their related information
One of the absolute classics in the world of dining tables. Compose your rectangular dining table and determine all the details yourself!
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The golden mean if you're in doubt between round and rectangular. Oval just exudes cosiness!
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Also an absolute classic. Are you going for a compact or larger version? Regardless, it's always fun at your round table!
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Developed in the workshop of Table du Sud and immediately turned into one of the most popular shapes. Ideal for large families and cosy drink-filled evenings.
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A beautiful shape that combines the best of both worlds. Discover the subtle curves and determine all the details yourself.
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Straight long sides and a semicircle on the head. Might just be your perfect mix!
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Organic shapes are hip & happening. With a pebble-shaped dining table you get a piece peopl just keep looking at.
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3. Choose the perfect size for your table
Click on one of the options for more information about the dimensions of these shapes
Rectangular dimensions
Of course, you determine the size of your table yourself. Are you going for a compact table with a length of 180 cm, or a larger dining table of 3 meters? It's all possible!
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Oval dimensions
We have many different options in store, meaning you can perfectly match your new acquisition with the rest of your interior!
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Round dimensions
A compact table for a relatively small space, or a large dining table for the whole family? The choice is yours!
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Danish dimensions
Discover all the options we have in store. We're sure we have the perfect size for you!
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Pebble dimensions
You also determine the size for your organic dining table. Be inspired by all the options and go for the perfect composition!
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4. What is your favorite color?
Click on one of the materials for more information
Oak colours
Choose from more than 10 different colours and match your acquisition perfectly with your taste and the rest of your interior!
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Ceramic colours
Only in black and white? Not at Table du Sud! We have more than 15 flavours for you. What's your favourite?
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Fenix colours
Fenix has many faces. At Table du Sud, you can choose from no fewer than 20 colours. Wann bet that we have your perfect colour?
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Walnut colours
Do you opt for ultra-matt lacquer or for the typical brown that walnut is known for?
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Concrete colours
When you think of concrete, do you think of classic grey? That's only the beginning. At Table du Sud, you can choose from six different colours.
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5. Do you want a brushed table?
Click on one of the options for more information about brushing.
Make the structure of the wood visible by having your table brushed. The table is less sensitive to scratches after the treatment, as well.
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Leave the oak of your dining table for what it is. As natural as it gets.
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6. Edge finish, perfection lies in the details
Click on one of the options for more information about the edge finishings
20 degrees
A subtle edge finish where the edge runs inwards at an angle of 20 degrees.
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12 mm 60-degrees facet
A beautiful edge finish. We'll create a straight edge that then curves inward at a 60-degree angle.
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No straight lines and angles? Then this edge finish is perfect for you!
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Straight edge
A dining table like in the old days. The edge is finished.
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20 degrees inversed
The widest part of the tabletop is at the bottom. A distinct look!
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7. Choose your favorite frame
Click on one of the options for more information about the frames
Central frame
A central leg that carries the tabletop with ease. Choose from different frames.
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Head sides
Are you a fan of 2 uprights on the head sides? Well, of course that's possible!
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4 fixed legs
4 fixed legs form the solid foundation of the tabletop you've put together.
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8. Powder coating:Black, white, gold or brown?
Click on one of the options for more information about powder coating
Black powder coat
In our own paint shop we love to realise the classic look for you: a black steel frame
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White powder coat
It's certainly striking, a white frame. Do you dare?
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Brass gold
Now that's how you shine! You steal the show with a golden frame.
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Anodic brown
The most special colour of the bunch. This special shade of brown is also available in Table du Sud's paint shop.
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