Number of chairs at a rectangular table

Determining the size of your new rectangular table can be a lot harder than it looks like. Especially when you’re moving into a new space, it might be smart to invest some time in determining the correct dimensions.

In order to make the right choice, we have collected a number of tips for you in this blog. That’s how you buy the right table with confidence!

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Rectangular table for 6 people

Let's take a look at a rectangular table for 6 people. This is one of the most popular sizes, but after looking at some examples you’ll see there is more than one truth. To get into the details, we recommend reserving at least 60 cm for 1 seat. The space between seats is usually around 10-15 cm. For a rectangular table for 6 people, you’d end up with a tabletop length of 220-240 cm. You can use the sizes mentioned above as a basis for your search. Tip: do you have dining chairs with or without armrests? In the first case, it’s smart to take a bit more space per seat! 

Don't forget the frame!

The frame does play a role in determining the right size. For example, do you opt for 4 classic legs in the corners? Then the dining chairs are already pushed a little more towards the inside. With a central frame, there may be more risk of hitting the frame in certain places. Try to map this out as well as possible during your orientation!

Dining chairs on the end sides

Good idea! When composing your rectangular dining table, it’s advisable to reserve extra space. Would you like to have the option to place extra chairs at the end sides, for example during a drink? Or do you plan to always leave the chairs there? In the latter case, it’s smart to go for a longer table with a considerable width. This way you don't get your legs entangled so easily. 

Appropriate advice and making decisions

We can imagine that you continue to doubt the size. Of course it’s possible to look for the perfect size with one of our experts. We are at your service in our showrooms in Utrecht, RotterdamHeeze, and Deventer. You don’t need to make an appointment for a showroom visit. Tip: bring the measurements of the dining room or kitchen along. In addition, it’s also smart to bring pictures of your taste and your current interior. This way we can give you even better advice!

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Square dining tables

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