Fenix colours for our dining tables

With a Fenix dining table you opt for furniture with a ton of advantages. Think of its amazing user-friendliness and the possibility of composing this piece all by yourself.

Did you know that there’s a lot of colours to choose from while putting together your new Fenix asset? In this blog we’ll show you the possibilities!

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Fenix Solid sticks to black

You should know there’s three flavours available within the world of Fenix. These are Fenix Solid, Fenix Birch, and Fenix Unicolor. Fenix Solid is a bit of the odd one out when it comes to colour. We only sell these 1.2 cm thick tabletops in black. The rest of the table can be composed entirely according to your wishes. Tip: you can read all the ins & outs in our blog about the 3 types of Fenix.

20 colours

Are you looking for the right colour to give your dining room or kitchen the perfect boost? Then Fenix Birch and Unicolor will surely be something for you. We have selected at least 20 popular colours for these two variants, some of which will undoubtedly suit your taste. Tip: would you like to know more about our materials? Then read all about Fenix.

Light colours for your Fenix dining table

As mentioned, there’s 20 different colours for you. You compose a dream table by connecting the details, which naturally also applies to the colour. In the case of a light table, we have four colours that rub close to white. These are bianco kos, bianco male, bianco alaska, and bianco dover. These colours look similar at first glance, but they are plenty different in reality. Tip: when choosing the colour, consider the lighting of your dining room and/or kitchen. Does your new dining table catch a lot of sunlight? Then an apparently dark colour can suddenly appear lighter.

Dark colours for your Fenix dining table

Of course, we also have a number of dark colours for you. Nero ingo is the closest to black. In addition, piombo doha, blue fes, and grigio bromo are darker colours that belong to the same category. Tip: We also have beautiful colours that tend towards green, brown, and grey. In short, something for everyone!

Appropriate advice from our experts

Choosing a colour for your new furniture is one of the most difficult decisions. We understand that cutting the cord may be hard, which is why our experts are ready to help you compose your dining table in our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Deventer. Here, you can also find colour samples, so that you get a good idea of our range right away. And you don't even have to make an appointment for a visit!

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