Wood brushing: what exactly is it?

Brushed wood is one of the options we offer during the composition of your table. But what exactly do we mean by brushing wood? In this blog, we offer you a glimpse into our workshop in Brabant.

We’re happy to show you the ins and outs of wood brushing. This way you know what you’re getting into if you want your table brushed!

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Brushing wood

You may have heard of brushing wood, or you may think that brushing wood is standard procedure at Table du Sud. That isn’t the case. We can brush the oak, but only if you want it brushed. In our case, brushing means much more than a few professionals going to town manually with standard brushes. We have a state-of-the-art brushing machine with a brush of no less than 140 cm wide to do the job for us!

Why brush your tabletop?

During brushing, the ultra-thin soft top layer of the wood is removed. As a result, the wood grains come up more. This is also called the “grain pattern” of the wood, which is always unique, and which now becomes more visible. The advantage of brushed wood is that the tabletop becomes less sensitive to scratches. This is because the tabletop is less smooth. The general appearance is also somewhat more matt, which looks both nice and natural.


We like to be transparent towards our customers, and that’s why we also want to share the disadvantages of brushing. By brushing, extremely small knots can be pulled open. After the tabletop has been in the paint shop, the surface still feels the same. The difference is mainly visual. In addition, differences can arise between brushed and unbrushed wood. This is due to what’s called pigment absorption. The colour absorption of a brushed tabletop may be slightly less potent than that of its non-brushed counterpart.

Advice on brushing and oak

We can well imagine that you don’t immediately know whether to brush your tabletop or not. Especially in combination with the choice of wood, it can be difficult to make decisions. Read all about our oak wood to get an idea of the possibilities! It’s also good to know that our experts are ready for you in our showrooms in Utrecht, Heeze, Rotterdam and Deventer. Here, they’re happy to help you with appropriate advice. You don’t need to make an appointment for a store visit.

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