6 tips for buying a rectangular dining table

The rectangular dining table is and remains a classic in Dutch interiors. This shape just brings so many advantages. Are you looking for a rectangular table that you can compose as you wish? Then you’re in the right place here at Table du Sud!

But what should you pay attention to when buying a rectangular dining table? In this blog, we’d be happy to help you figure that out. Discover our useful tips & tricks and get the dining table of your dreams!

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Tip 1: to measure is to know

We immediately kick off with a huge cliché, but one that is very, very true. If you’re going to replace an old table it won’t be that difficult to determine the best size, but in the case of a move or complete makeover (where you replace all furniture), it can be a bit more difficult to find the right dimensions. We advise carefully mapping out how much space you have, as well as which space you want to reserve for your dining table and chairs. The number of dining chairs forms a foundation to determine this. Read our blog about the number of seats at a table if you’re still in doubt. This way you can be sure that you won’t be faced with any surprises.

Tip 2: discover all the materials

When you think of a new table, you might immediately think of a wooden tabletop. If you really want one, it's good to know that we work with some absolutely beautiful oak wood in our workshop in Heeze. We also have other materials, such as ceramics, Fenix, and marble in store for you. Take a look at all the options and let the possibilities sink in. The following applies to all materials: customisation is always possible! Think of different finishes and colours.

Tip 3: choose the right colour

An oak tabletop with that typical brown colour? Of course, we serve that flavour, but did you know that our oak dining tables are available in more than ten colours? And that we have several colours of Fenix, marble, and ceramics for you? In short, there’s always a colour that perfectly matches your taste. Also try to include the complete picture in your head. Does the new colour go well with your chairs, the colours of the wall, and the rest of the accessories? Then you might have a winner on your hands! Extra tip: we also sell the most diverse dining chairs, which can of course all be composed as desired. This way you kill two birds with one stone!

Tip 4: don't forget the frame

The frame is literally the foundation of your new purchase, and that’s why it should be given some attention! At Table du Sud we think the same, which is why we make them by ourselves. This way we can offer many different variants. As the tabletop of a rectangular table consists of straight lines, it’s nice to have a matching frame. Also try to take a good look at the legroom. Can everybody comfortably sit at the table without their legs coming into contact with the frame? Yes? Perfect! Are you planning to place extra chairs at the ends when you have visitors in the future? Then that’s also smart to consider in your choice of frame.

Tip 5: think about the details

Customisation is our top priority. That’s why we are so, so proud that we can make your table completely according to your wishes! Think of beautiful edge finishes for your tabletop, but also of different colours for the frame and the tabletop, as we mentioned earlier. In addition, it’s good to know that you have three options in the case of oak: new oak, lived oak, and refined oak. While composing your table online, you'll automatically run into all the options. Discover them and choose what suits you best!

Tip 6: get solid advice

We do understand you don’t want to make a major purchase such as a dining table online. That’s why we have three different showrooms! Here, our experts are ready to help you make the right choices. Bring pictures of both your interior and your taste, so we can help you in the best possible way. You can find our showrooms in Heeze, Utrecht, Rotterdam, or Deventer! Nice tip: our showroom in Heeze is literally adjacent to the workshop. During your rounds through the showroom, you can see our craftsmen hard at work in the background making the most beautiful dining tables. You don’t need to make an appointment to visit one of the showrooms. The door is open!

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