Table du Sud’s ceramic dining table colours

The colour of your new ceramic dining table is one of the most important specifications of your acquisition. When you think of a ceramic tabletop, you might think of that typical marble colour,

but did you know we have more than 15 other colours in store for you? In this blog we’ll show you there’s truly a lot of choice when it comes to colour!

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Marble look and almost 20 other colours

Ceramics is the user-friendly and durable brother of marble. It’s not surprising if you immediately think of that typical marble look while considering a ceramic dining table. Naturally, we have that marble look for you as well. Yes, that immensely recognisable white look with dark elements! At Table du Sud we have branded this colour calcatta satin. Tip: also check out the colours golden white satin, golden white lux, and travertino. These are light colours tending to white with dark elements.

Dark ceramics

Are you looking for a beautiful dark look with some light elements? We have that for you as well! Open the 3D configurator and compose your own ceramic dining table. Step 4 introduces you to the different colours. The darkest colour available is elegant black lux. If that’s too dark for you, there’s other variants such as elegant black satin, saint laurent satin, and saint laurent lux. Tip: read all about ceramics.

Ceramics with a concrete look

The best of both worlds! You can experiment endlessly with our colours in the 3D configurator. Discover them all and find your favourite colours! Are you charmed by the concrete look, but do you prefer ceramics as the material for your tabletop? That’s possible! Check out the colours ceppo di gré satin and concrete look crete satin. These colours allow you to bring the concrete vibe into your home. Tip: we also sell concrete dining tables

Appropriate advice

Determining the colour of your tabletop isn’t easy. We fully understand that, which is why we’re there to advise you if you’re having trouble. Come and see the different types of ceramics in one of our showrooms in Heeze, Deventer, or Utrecht. Our experts are happy to help you make your decision. You don’t need to make an appointment for a visit. Tip: We also sell suitable maintenance products for ceramics.

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