Tough and concrete tables for an industrial interior

Our concrete dining tables are made by adding a thin layer of cire concrete (Leef-Beton) on wood. These tables are easier to maintain than our previous line of concrete tables. This high-quality material is durable, easy to maintain, and waterproof.

Different colours 

When you think of concrete, you may immediately think of that typical grey concrete colour that works so well in industrial settings. Of course that belongs to your list of options when composing your new acquisition, but did you know that you can choose from no fewer than six colours when putting your table together? The colours Sand and Basalt come closest to the classic concrete colour. Are you looking for a light variant? Then choose the colour White or Gravel. Finally, we also have Mud and Slate in store for you. These two colours are closest to red/brown and green.


The frame is just as important as the tabletop. After all, the frame of your table forms a large part of the furniture. We offer many different flavours here, as well. Think of different designs and materials. For example, you can opt for a 100% concrete table, which means the frame is also made of concrete. There’s also the option to go for a steel frame. These frames are rock solid and can be sprayed in black or white, if you wish.


We offer 100% customisation and we make sure that’s reflected in all the details. That’s why it's good to know that we have different finishes for you. Of course it’s possible to opt for a regular tabletop, with the edges being completely straight. However, if you’d like something different, you can choose for a faceted edge or a convex finish. With a convex finish, you make sure your tabletop doesn’t have any edges. Ideal for families with children! With a faceted edge, the edge slopes inwards at an angle of 60 degrees.


Proper use and maintenance ensure that you enjoy your new concrete dining table for a long time. For example, the use of coasters is a smart way to prevent any minimal colour differences. In addition, it is smart to use our Seal-Guard for long-term maintenance. This spray ensures your tabletop is sealed off. Still, it’s smart to pay close attention to acids and anything with low PH values.

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