5 perks of a Danish oval table

Discover a perfect mix of design and functionality

The Danish oval dining tables of Table du Sud are becoming more and more popular. This striking shape comes with many advantages, so there’s a good chance that Danish oval will suit you well.

Are you looking for a new dining table and could use some inspiration? That’s convenient, because this blog features all the advantages of Danish oval!

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All Danish oval advantages together

1 - Versatile and original shape

Danish oval differs slightly from a “normal” oval table. The oval table has a nice curve at the ends and that’s exactly where Danish oval is different. A Danish oval table offers the ultimate balance between oval and rectangular, while retaining the feeling of an almost round table. This way you still feel in touch with each other. In short, are you ready for something original? Consider Danish oval!


2 - Ideal table for the kids (and other guests!)

Danish oval enables two extra seats at both ends of the table. Of course, you can also sit at the end of a regular oval table, but at a Danish oval one you sit a lot closer to the middle and have more space to eat. This also means it’s perfect for adding a (children’s)chair. Tip: do you want to know how many chairs fit a certain table length? Then read our blog: How many seats at the table?


3 - Practical placement

Your new dining table should steal the show when it comes to appearance, but it would also be nice if it matches your interior perfectly. You can position a Danish oval table a lot easier than a rectangular table in that regard. As you use your space efficiently, you kill two birds with one stone: a beautiful table and every centimetre in your dining room utilised. Oh! And don’t forget a Danish oval table also emphasises the length of your room!

Even more Danish oval advantages...

4 - Compose your own Danish oval table

Is it a deal breaker when a size just doesn’t meet your demands? Here at Table du Sud that problem is immediately wiped off the table. You’re the director of your own table. Choose your favourite material, frame and colour and your Danish oval table will be customised just for you.

5 - Custom work from our own workshop

The advantage of composing your own table doesn’t mean we have to travel all over the world to collect the necessary parts. We roll up our sleeves, in our own workshop in Heeze, and do everything we can to create the perfect Danish oval table for you! Your final product, a beautiful dining table, is fully Dutch made. 

Go for Danish oval

Is Danish oval entirely your thing or are you curious which frame-tabletop combinations are available to you? Then take a virtual walk through our showroom. We have listed all Danish oval dining tables for you. We are huge fans of Danish oval ourselves, but that doesn't mean we ignore “normal” oval. That’s why we have neatly collected all our oval dining tables for you, too. Extra tip: want to find out whether Danish oval suits you and/or what size it should be, all from the comfort of your own home? Then order the Danish oval cutting pattern. This pattern is also suitable for oval tables.

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