Tips for determining the size of your (Danish) oval table

How big should my tabletop actually be? That’s one of the most important questions to answer when buying a new dining table. We understand that it can be difficult to make this decision, so we’re happy to help you make the right decision.

In this blog, you’ll find a number of useful tips to ensure that you make the right choice.

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To measure is to know

An age-old cliché, but true nonetheless. Get started with a tape measure and try to visualise your dining room or kitchen by writing all possible dimensions down. This way, you’ll instantly know how long your walls are, what the possible distance to the wall is, as well as some other crucial dimensions. When you’re going to replace an old dining table, you already have a good idea of ​​what the best size might be, but that’s a bit more difficult when you’re doing a complete restyling or when you’re relocating. In the second case, we especially recommend that you measure everything properly.

Number of persons

The size is extremely important, but the number of seats probably is, too. Do you already know how many dining chairs you want at your table, and do you like to keep the option open to add extra chairs when you have guests over? Then it’s smart to take that into consideration, too. 

When determining the number of seats, pay close attention to the legroom in combination with the frame and the space between the dining chairs. A dining chair with armrests takes up a bit more space than one without. There’s more tips to be found in our blog about the number of seats at the table.


As you might have noticed above, the frame does play a role in determining the size of your new oval table. This has to do with the position of the frame legs and the position of the dining chairs. Of course, you want to prevent people from hitting the frame of your table. Keep this in mind when determining the size of your table.

Danish oval or classic oval

At Table du Sud, we make both Danish oval dining tables and classic oval dining tables. With a Danish oval dining table, the head sides are straight, which basically adds a full-fledged seat on each end. This is ideal if you have a large family and always want to use the head sides as a place to sit. That’s one way to be effective with the space you have.

Cutting patterns

Do you find it difficult to visualise exactly what you’re going to bring into your home? Fortunately, we have found a solution at Table du Sud: cutting patterns. These are handy rolls in which you can find printed Danish oval and classic oval shapes in various sizes. You can cut out your intended size(s) at home and (literally) see how much space your table will take up. Curious? Order the oval cutting pattern now.

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How about ceramics?

Discover all dining tables with an oval ceramic tabletop.

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