This many people fit at your round table

How big should my new table be? If you’re going to buy a new round table, this is probably the most important question. But how do you determine the perfect size for your new purchase?

To help you, we’ll get into all the details in this blog. Be inspired and successfully complete the search for the right size!

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Number of people

To determine the ideal size of your new round table, it’s smart to envision what you expect from your new furniture. And by that we mean to say: how many people/seats do you want to be able to accommodate, at the least? For example, if you already know that it’s 6, then that makes things infinitely easier. 

Dining room or kitchen?

After determining the number of chairs, it’s always smart to grab a tape measure and head to your kitchen or dining room. After all, your new table must fit properly! 

It’s important to consider the space between the table and any walls. This is where your dining chairs will be located and there should be enough space to walk behind them. We calculate around 1.20m for this. Of course, this can be a bit less, but then you have to consider that you might rub against the wall if you walk behind any seated people. 

Don't forget the frame

 may not immediately think of your frame when you determine the size of your table, but it remains a very important factor. We have many different frames in store for you and the legroom might very well vary between some of those. Take caution here, so you won’t be faced with any surprises later.

Cutting cords

And now it's time to make decisions. The diameter is the only measurement that needs to be determined and we’re happy to help you out. Let's start with the smallest size. 90 cm is enough for 2 people. We recommend a diameter of one meter for 3 people and 1.10m is sufficient for 4 people. For the larger tables we calculate 1.30m (5 people) and 1.50m (6 to 7 people). With a 1.60m table you already have enough space for 8 people.

Round tables from Table du Sud
At Table du Sud you’ve come to the right place for round tables, which are made of all kinds of different materials. For example, consider a round oak table or a round Fenix table. Naturally, all round tabletops can be matched with our frames. So there’s always a combination available that perfectly matches your taste and that fits well with the rest of your interior. It’s also good to know that we make all the tables by ourselves. We do this in our workshop in Heeze. We also weld all the frames here. Are you looking for the number of chairs for a different shape? Read our blog on the number of seats at a table.

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