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Details make perfection. At Table du Sud you compose your dining table from head to toe. One of the details you can determine is the edge finish of your tabletop. But what exactly does an edge finish mean?

And what options do you have when you’re about to buy a dining table? In this blog we’ll show you all the options, ensuring you make the right choice with confidence!

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What is edge finishing?

You may not know exactly what we mean when we talk about edge finishing. Well, we literally mean the finish of the edge of your tabletop. The frame of your table has absolutely nothing to do with this. We make all our tables in our own workshop in Heeze, Brabant, which means that we have a lot of freedom in developing new designs and making the latest tables. We also take care of the edge finishing ourselves! Tip: use our 3D configurator to compose your new dining table. Here, you’ll find all options, including our edge finishes. Below, we’d like to show you which edge finishes are possible.

Default edge finish

Straight forward, without unnecessary fuss. If that's your thing, Table du Sud is the place for you! With the standard edge finish, we naturally ensure that the dining table is smooth, but we do as little as possible about the edges. This is the classic edge finish, one that’s still popular in Dutch households!

Facet 12 mm 60 degrees

This is perhaps the most special edge finish we can make for you. With this edge finish, the tabletop first slopes down 12 mm in the classic way, but then the rest is finished inwards in an angle of 60 degrees. The result? The tabletop is larger at the top than at the bottom. A unique look! Are you curious about the material we work with? Read all about our oak and walnut.

20 degrees

This is a subtle edge finish that doesn’t immediately catch the eye, but it does give a special touch to your new purchase. With this edge finish, the edge runs inwards at an angle of 20 degrees. Here, too, the top of the tabletop is larger in terms of surface area than the bottom. In contrast to the facet 12 mm 60-degree tabletops, the edge isn’t straight here.

20 degrees inversed

Yes, it’s really as simple as it sounds: a 20-degree tabletop, but inversed! In other words: with this tabletop, the top surface is slightly smaller than the bottom, instead of the other way around.


The convex edge finish is ideal if you want to avoid hard lines and right angles. The convex edges of this finish create a somewhat looser, less sleek appearance.

Tree trunk edge

This edge finish is perfect for fans of a natural look. This edge consists of different grooves, providing that typical tree trunk look. Good to know: the head sides are straight! Tip: we have three types of oak for you. In the case of a tree trunk edge, lived oak can be a great choice for you. With this variant we leave knots and small cracks be, so you get the most natural look. Tip: view our oak tree trunk tables for more inspiration.

Appropriate advice

Do you find it difficult to make the right choice? Are you in doubt between two edge finishes? Or would you like to consult with an expert? Then it's good to know that our showroom employees are ready to help you with appropriate advice. In Heeze, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Deventer, you’ll find a large part of our range, where you can get acquainted with our designs and materials.

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